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How the router restores the factory settings, the router restores the factory setting steps

2018-01-04 10:54:19

forget the router password or malfunction with the router on the Internet is not stable, are generally not restore factory Settings, how to restore?Don't worry, the router how to restore the factory Settings?Here are some small way to help you.

router to factory default:


if the router management inside factory default sometimes think routers on the network, or router often unstable, so might as well try to use this method, the recovery is very simple, first enter the router login address in your browser (general or and open, and enter the router login username and password (shell has a mark on the routers, such as modified, forgotten so use method 2 general method).The diagram below:

management interface on the router Settings

after we enter the router Settings interface, at most can be found at the bottom of the side System tools "There is a backup and restore factory Settings entrance to factory default operation can be carried out when we click, point & after otherBack to the factory Settings "Then popup tooltip will ask whether you sure to restore the factory, we click Identify "Can, a little bit wait for a moment, the router will restart, completed successfully restored to factory Settings.

2, through a router reset button realize the router to factory default (gm)

behind each router has a router reset button, its function is to realize the router through the button to restore factory Settings, such as many users forget the router Settings management user name and password, unable to enter the router Settings, so only through the router reset button, the restoration of the router to factory Settings, and then reset the router to the Internet.

on the back of the router usually has a RESET button, the button and the RESET button on the computer function basically the same, is usually a small hole, a router is a small button, next to mark have RESET tagging, is easy to find on the router, as follows:

right through a router RESET button to restore factory Settings of the steps as follows:

1, first unplug the router's power supply first, then use a toothpick or round bead pen by RESET holes hold the inside of the switch on;

2, and then put the power plug in wait a few seconds, at this time we observe the router will find there are several lights will quickly flashing lights, and then restore calm after about 5 seconds, at this time we send let toothpick or refill pen, etc have been implemented to restore factory Settings.

the router how to restore factory Settings?Landing after the router to factory default, a router address and user name and password are the default reduction, general default router user name and password are admin, you can check the nameplate on the surface of the router marks can know, finally, we need to restart the router Settings to surf the Internet.

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