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How to add tomcat server administrator

2018-01-11 16:06:51

how to add a administrator to tomcat server

tomcat because of its open source, free, small runtime occupies system resources, good scalability, load balancing and mail service application system development of commonly used functions and was deeply loved by the programmer, in order to better manage the tomcat server, we usually add user to tomcat administrator, so you can log in to view the release of the project.For newcomers, need to be familiar with tomcat project release principle.

tomcat is the Apache Software Foundation (Apache Software Foundation's Jakarta project of a core project, by Apache, Sun, and some other companies and individuals to develop and become.Thanks to the Sun's participation and support, the newest Servlet and JSP specification can always reflected in the Tomcat, 5 support the latest Tomcat Servlet 2.4 and JSP 2.0 specification.Because Tomcat advanced technology, stable performance, and free, thus deeply lovers of Java and got some software developers for approval, is now more popular Web application server.Currently the latest version is 7.0.


step one: first of all we see the tomcat installation directory, here I use decompressed version of the tomcat, do not need to install, after decompression can be used, suggest you use this version.

step 2: then we enter the bin directory, find the startup bin directory. The bat, click start tomcat.

step 3: click on startup. The bat start tomcat services, slightly later step four:

server is not an error, that project success, as long as you want to project into the tomcat webapps directory, the tomcat server will automatically release the project.Mail items has been posted on the Internet now.Step 5:

open a browser.Here I to Google browser to illustrate: visit the tomcat home page: if you can access the tomcat home page, it means that your tomcat configuration success.Step 6:

PM on the Tomcat Manager, this time you will be prompted us to log in.Here I have configured the tomcat user management: enter the user name and password.

step 7: click ok and then we can enter the management tomcat project has been released, namely the tomcat webapps the project below, here we tomcat webapps directory is project instance, as shown in the figure below:

step eight: let's look at this time how tomcat configuration add user management:

step 9: in tomcat unzipped directory click enter - config, then edit tomcat - users. Xml

step 10: then in tomcat - users. Add the following sentence: XML

step 11: after the restart tomcat, you can use the tomcat admin login.Under test results!

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