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How to analyze Belkin routers

2018-01-04 09:46:24

the Internet development speed is very fast, in many families install the computer we can see that we all know that we use a computer is to surf the Internet, it is need to install cables, buy a router, cats and other equipment, so as to form a complete set of wireless network system.Router mentioned, we should not strange, we usually have a computer at home, the router is essential, it gives us access to the Internet, do not know to have heard of a router?Small make up today, and everyone together to know about the content, belkin router how to let everyone know.How about

belkin router

after several years of development, belkin's product line basic around the iPhone/ipod accessories, laptop accessories and three types of network products.Today, delivery of the coldplay wireless router, is a masterpiece, it integrate their best three areas, provides the laptop and iPhone/ipod users one-piece wireless entertainment solutions.We get

this product is belkin recently launched Next Net series wireless router;Manufacturers also took a fancy for it Chinese name Coldplay "(coldplay will become Next Net series of high-end products).Small make up thought this name is very appropriate, because the product not only cool and fashionable appearance, and location is different from traditional wireless router, it is not only designed for notebook wireless Internet, it should be more widely used in the iPhone, PSP, NDS, the portable entertainment devices, etc.

belkin wireless router adopted atmospheric hard paper packing, the facade of the printed product appearance figure, on the back of the product is introduced several innovative features, such as music, download elves, flow management, private DJ and music recording, printing assistant, security backup and self diagnosis.A total of eight new function gives different coldplay router Thoughts ", it will be a wireless router products full of wisdom.

now wireless router products are external Two guns "Even 3 guns "And no external antenna belkin router.

the appearance of traditional routers are common square box design, and the appearance of the belkin router console.

traditional routers are WoLiShi design, whereas the belkin router is vertical design, has become a household adornment ornament.

belkin coldplay depth profiling

this Belkin“Coldplay "Takes out from inside the packaging, is already in appearance gave us a surprise.Without the hedgehog general cluster of antenna, instead is streamlined rounded body, with such appearance, believe either on the rich ancient frame or TV ark, would be very good integration into our home environment.

at the top there is a lack of Angle, here have adopted similar acrylic transparent material, such as appearance is very elegant, and has a pretty good handle.

on the back of the fuselage interface annotation is very clear, from top to bottom in turn arranged for cable, USB, reset button and power plug.Leave enough space between interface, so as to avoid the clutter on the wiring.

still like before Belkin router products, connect the power cord and network cable, in your browser's address bar to input a "Coldplay "The configuration of the interface.

although Coldplay "Is a fairly new product, but on the software side, Belkin continued his consistent tradition, it is very convenient to you.

of the other;Coldplay "Also provides for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz two frequencies of support, so also have abundant on transport protocol choice, 802.11 a/b/g/n this product provides support.Here we need to pay attention to the bottom of the third Radio SSID”Option, this Coldplay "Given the option of very simple, need to check it.But we suggest that we set up home wireless network, again to cancel the check here, in this way, people usually ceng network will not be found in their detection range of our network name.

this is the content of the belkin router, don't know if you have any questions, we will find that belkin router's performance is good, in fact it in the market sales volume is high, generally receive love and trust of the broad masses of friends, if a friend, just bought a new computer, you need to install the router, the router is a good choice, we should also be on the Internet at ordinary times of equipment such as learn more knowledge, this is very useful, it is helpful to us.Above is about what belkin router related content, the hope can help to you!

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