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How to analyze the network piece routers

2018-01-05 17:02:14

netgear is a world famous network company, was founded in the early 1990 s, in more than 20 years of development, become one of several of the fastest growing Internet companies in the United States.As a netgear products netgear router, its quality has been acclaimed.Then it compared with Chinese domestic router, what specific advantages?Next let small make up to lead everybody take a look at the network router.

first core components from the router's core components, we generally router is composed of a single core, while netgear router the latest products, is a dual-core CPU, so it is faster, and the performance is stronger, and netgear router memory also increase the processing, from the traditional 128 im upgraded to 256 m, so the processing performance of router becomes faster, the netgear routers and phase difference is our traditional routers, it is in addition to wireless transmission function, he also has two USB ports, including a USB, and a start interface, can insert U disk and other computer equipment, make the router's ability to read and write faster and more strong.

signal transmission network

router's body is very small and exquisite, its thickness is only about 6 cm, and weighs less than 1000 grams, so to be able to put in any occasion.Although look ordinary, but its transmission performance is very strong, in the open space, netgear router can deliver highest room of 300 square meters.And signal transmission performance of router is through special processing, it can makes the wireless signal concentration, reduce the blind area of wireless transmission and corner.And there is also a smart scan function, it can effectively avoid the interference of other equipment, in order to gain a high quality transmission, and network router it can for high-speed data transmission, and can automatically increases the transmission rate of 60%.

is easy to operate

netgear router has an independent wireless and power switch, operation is very simple.And this router which has two wifi signal source, so we can free choice.And the two source Korea each other, let's speed becomes more smooth.And this router which the realization of the launch of a 360 - degree signals, the launch of the signal and it complies with the relevant national standards.So the radiation will not be to the old man of the young children or pregnant women have any damage, so we put a network in the home a router is a necessary choice.Is more than

small make up of some performance parameters about netgear router.Undeniably, netgear router compared to our selling router products on the market, prices are higher than many, but a price points a points goods, if we want to get a high speed transmission of wifi environment.Let's office and life become more convenient, so might as well to buy a netgear router, can make us enjoy high speed Internet experience.

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