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How to bridge two routers, p-link router settings [explain]

2018-01-11 16:09:58

how two router bridge?

wireless router can be with all of ADSL MODEM or Ethernet CABLE MODEM connected directly, can also be used through the switch/hub, such as broadband router LAN way to access.

its built-in have simple virtual dial-up software, can store a user name and password dial-up, and can be implemented as the ADSL dial-up Internet access, CM provides automatic dialing function, without the need for manual dialing or take up a computer to do the server use.

router has wi-fi sharing on the Internet, as long as there is wireless network card or mobile phone, computer, PSP with WIFI function can by 4 g wireless router connected to the Internet, for the realization of the wireless LAN to share 3 g wireless networks provides a great convenience.

the following, we take a look at tp - link wireless router Settings.

the first wireless router set

1, login and broadband cats connection of the router.In

2, in the wireless setting - basic setup Settings "SSID number ", "Channel "Set of fixed channel number.

3, in the wireless Settings - wireless security Settings set up wireless signal encryption information, record the wireless router set up after the SSID, channel information and encryption Settings.

the second wireless router set

1, login second wireless router.

2, in the network parameters - LAN Settings, modify IP address and the first router different (to prevent IP address conflict), such as instead, preservation, the router will restart automatically.In

3, in the wireless setting - basic setup check "Open WDS".Click "Throughout the scanning &;, search around the wireless signal.

4, in the scanning to the signal list, select the first router SSID, click "Connection ".

5, set the channel into the same as the first router channel.At the same time set the encryption information is the same as the first router, click "Save ".

6, shut down the DHCP server.In the DHCP server, select "Is not enabled ", save and restart the router.

7, as the first wireless router with the second wireless router has successfully established WDS.

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