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How to buy a home security camera, the right choice of home surveillance camera

2018-01-12 13:59:26

: the security work in the family, the family alarm and miniature camera head of choose and buy is particularly important.Users must choose according to their living conditions corresponding to the product, if live in the suburbs, installing a alarm as video monitoring system, can have better preventive effect.The following article detailed introduces the family security cameras for us buying guide.Home security camera surveillance cameras 】 【

guide to the choose and buy Teach your family right choice

home security surveillance camera miniature camera head to choose

1, can accurately detect intrusion information, some anti-theft alarm detector as pets, or shake to produce false positives behavior of clothes.

2, whether can guard against the thief stealing, the thief stealing technology are now compare high, don't because of the interference of other equipment, burglar alarm I become.

3, can do "Simple "Human "Burglar alarm is easy to operate, the most critical function to buy back more will not use, or basic needn't isn't that so?

4, 365 x24 hours stable work, whether can the stability of the burglar alarm is important, don't because of power outages, the alarm to be used.

5, can effectively resist various environmental interference, don't because of various disturbance, burglar alarm sensor flexibility is reduced, or failure.

above summarizes five o 'clock, I think our first family security pinhole camera alarm system is stable, stability is everything!Second technology of profound, pinhole cameras in the family security is little not, because the thief must know what the device camera, and it is wired, it more can't disturbed, etc, the influence of suspension of work, even if other equipment it can also sound will record the thief in the process of the crime.

home burglar alarm to choose

as people of awareness of security, anti-theft alarm products appear constantly in people's field of vision.Compared with expensive video monitoring system, anti-theft alarm products both in price and seem much easier to master in the operation, so a lot of home users are starting to favor it.

is the first, the quality of the products.The quality of the product does not represent the product function, the user can learn the features of the product before the choose and buy, but for the quality, we often need through long-term use can be tested.For most users, still more strange for anti-theft alarm products, so how to ensure to the quality and reliable products of choose and buy?Outside, we can from the following three aspects carries on the preliminary judgment:

1, the legitimacy of the product.Products have been national production license issued by the approval of the ministry of public security and whether through national 3 c compulsory certification, etc.It is important to note that the 3 c mark is not a quality mark, but only one of the most basic security certification, some of its index represents the safety of the product quality qualified, but does not mean that the use of the product performance is also excellent.

2, the products have factory information.The products of high quality must have advanced software and hardware technology, testing of advanced and mature production technology and equipment, so as to guarantee the stability and reliability of the product.For now, the problem of false positives anti-theft alarm products remains is a let users headaches, branded products still encounter this problem, you can imagine bombing we once encounter bad products the.

currently on the market many security alarm products are not origin, producer name and address, phone number and other relevant information of manufacturer, such products are often difficult to guaranteed quality, such as buying such products use, once the users have no problem.

3, the quality guarantee.Product quality guarantee in part reflects the strength of the manufacturer and quality situation, such as warrantee, the length of the warranty period.Usually is the guarantee, the more the quality of the products is relatively reliable.Just think, if a manufacturer can provide unconditional return money back guarantee, will you still worry about its quality?

the second, the product is practical.Selects the burglar alarm should combine the building area, structure characteristics and property value, surrounding environment, such as multiple factors to consider, but there are a few general reference criteria: cable way has communication and reliable, strong anti-interference ability, low cost advantages, can apply to new and reserved connections within the walls of buildings;But the poor mobility and inconvenience of users and products to meet the demand of the variable;Wireless way can avoid connecting cables between the probe and the host affect indoor decorate, possesses the advantages of flexible, simple, but there are also vulnerable to the outside world a variety of factors interference, device cost is relatively higher shortcomings.

security alarm products of choose and buy should be according to the working conditions of the user to correct choose and buy, each security alarm equipment has its own characteristics and conditions of use, for example for the factory, generally choose the electronic fence or correlation detector, and for enterprise's office area, install anti-theft alarm products in important site set up to play.When installing a burglar alarm products, enterprise users can not blindly pursue utility or high price, also can not blindly pursue low price, the most important thing is that it is good to share.

security cameras function of choose and buy:


dual cameras is useful when monitoring device is equipped with two cameras to and fro, if the rear camera, the effect was not too big, so it is not recommended to buy.

2, whether to have night vision function

monitoring should also have night vision, lest monitoring equipment to the night became "Helpless ".When choosing the function to see the parameters of the low illumination.

3, if there is a voice intercom

complete by individual be fond of, if the baby at home, parents can rest baby and dialogue.In case of emergency, can be via voice intercom to prevent further deterioration of things.

4, presence of yuntai rotation function

yuntai equipment by computer and mobile phone client to control the rotation of the equipment replacement monitoring area, more convenient and intelligent, but choose degree depends on demand.

5, how beautiful degree of

products should be consistent with the overall home decorate a style.Equipment wide dynamic and strong inhibition function is considered according to the user's budget and use frequency.


at present home video storage, safe confidentiality issues with cloud storage and built-in memory card, cloud storage store videos in the cloud platform, but possible leaks.The local store as long as the memory card directly, or take away monitoring would be meaningless.

the third, the consummation post-sale service.Anti-theft alarm products has already been popular, but it is not like other household appliances use form and simple to use, often require professional installation and debugging, in order to avoid in the process of using or which such problems more or less.And these problems have a plenty of the quality of the product itself, some may be installed use problems, not every user can solve all these problems, many professionals are needed to solve.

however, the current anti-theft alarm industry lags far behind of after-sales service, on the market also can not find a professional maintenance services.Therefore, users must pay attention to when the choose and buy products products provider can provide form a complete set of after-sales service, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee long-term effective use of anti-theft alarm products they buy.

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