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How to change the broadband account password set by the router, change the broadband account passwor

2018-01-15 16:59:35


broadband account password change how to modify the router network login Settings?

steps are as follows:

1, the first in the browser, open the router login address:, then enter the administrator password

note: different brand router login address may be different, if to open it, please check the router nameplate on the fuselage, there will be marked above.After

2, log in router Settings interface, and then click on the left side of the network parameters setting 】, right after you can see PPPoE connection account set up, we will get to the Internet password and confirm password: modified into the new broadband password, after the completion of the click the "save" at the bottom of the

after modify the broadband password, haven't finished, because a router configuration file has cache, changes the broadband password is still can't get to the Internet, you also need to restart the router.

3, click on the left side of the "system" at the bottom of the tool, then click on the below "Restart the router ", and then click on the right side of the "Restart the router "Operation to

after the restart the router, can normal access to the Internet, if you still can't get to the Internet, you can check whether the broadband password input is wrong, to input again, restart the router.Above

is about how to replace the router Settings of broadband account password, hope to help you!

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