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How to change the password to connect WiFi hotspot in mobile phone?

2018-01-23 13:23:02

"How to modify the connection in the mobile WiFi password?Throughout the &;Maybe after you modify the router WiFi password, met unable to connect to WiFi Internet phone.Appear this kind of problem, is usually due to we only changed the router WiFi password, without modify the WiFi name, and in the mobile phone is still the original recording the router WiFi password.

solution is very simple, as long as we find in mobile wireless list your router WiFi signal, and then remove the signal, and then to search the signal, the input of the modified WiFi password, can be connected to the Internet.

warm prompt: some users might think of can directly modify connection in the mobile WiFi password?The answer is not, our android and apple phones are not support directly modify the WiFi password function.Under the

respectively introduce the apple (ios) and Android mobile phone (Android) two system, delete the WiFi signals.

record delete android wifi connection method

into the mobile phone "Set up "--->"WLAN"Interface, and then according to the need to remove the wireless signal, long in the pop-up dialog box select "Cancel the save network ".As shown in the figure below:

warm prompt: because the Android version, delete wireless wifi connection records are also different, such as some of the Android version is at the back of the wireless signal click "More "Button and enter the network details can only delete a network interface, as shown in the figure below.

apple (ios) phones record delete wifi connection method

1, "Wireless LAN (or wi-fi) "Behind the Settings menu, click on the corresponding wireless signal display "Blue exclamation mark "The icon, as shown in the figure below: after

2, a signal display box, click "Ignore this network ", as shown in the figure below:

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