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How to change the router password? How to change the wireless router password

2018-01-19 13:47:45

home wireless network password was broken?The company's wireless network was secretly?Or are you forgot to wireless router password, you need to change?Change a wireless router password immediately.

note: there are two kinds of router passwords, one kind is the wifi password, one is the management of the router's password, login to consider which one do you modify

you want to change the router, me is, each brand login address different, specific routers have login address back, as shown in figure

landing if you don't know the router addresses will refer to the following method:

first need to find the IP address of the gateway router information.Click "Start "- "Run ", open the run dialog box, in which input "CMD"And into the MSDOS command prompt, type the command "Ipconfig", you can see the local router's IP address information: gateway address is the router login (we are here in a

open a browser and enter the router IP address in the address bar, general if you don't have to change the user name and password is admin (lower case) in

after a successful login shows that the running state, as shown in figure

modified wifi password:

click "The wireless set "

then click "Wireless security Settings ", which can change the password, generally choose WPA wpa2-psk/connected wpa2-psk encryption method (the password to 8 to 16, can alphanumeric combination) after

change password, click save and restart the last click &

otherSystem tools "The & in the otherRestart the router "Can restart routing modify the router password:

in open the router management page, click on the left side "System tools "Throughout, and then click &;Modify the login password ".

in the open pages input the original land user name password, and a new user name and password, click "Identify "Button.Other special circumstances need to change the password:


when you want to change the password, but just you forgot to login the router user name and password, lead to can't normal login router management interface, it will reset the router, can choose according to the long "RESET"(have a plenty of a hole, can use toothpick or sharp objects in 10 seconds, until the indicator light after all let go can restore the factory Settings, you can use the original admin user login.

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