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How to change the routing address from to [Graphic]

2018-01-19 14:24:41

Generally we set the address of the router to, so if change the to we with tp_link wireless router setting method as an example to explain:

1, we first login to tp_link wireless router's management interface, the browser enter, then enter the user name and password to enter setup interface.
if you can't open the, please refer to the document: can't get into solution "graphic" after
2, into the router management interface, we can find a LAN in setting parameter Settings, and then we can change.

note: after the change, the computer IP address segment became 192.168.0. X X (between 2-253), the gateway is

changes, management after the router, will adopt, access to the Internet computer IP addresses for 192.168.0. X (X) between 2-253, gateway: DNS can fill

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