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How to change the wireless router password?

2018-01-19 19:02:04

how to modify the wireless router passwords and WIFI password?Now with the advent of the Internet, routers, network and WIFI environment became our life and work in a part of, want to make your network more secure, it is necessary to modify the initial password.Now, many Internet users are extremely concerned about how to modify the wireless router's password, and WIFI password?Below small make up a simple introduce for everybody, and let your users later in the process of operation, has more accurate fast operation and Settings.Note:

router password has two, one is the management on the router's password, one is we use mobile phones or computers connected to the wifi password, see which one do you want to change, don't wrong!The way to

a, modify the router password:

first login the router.On the links to the routing of the computer, open the browser, enter the url or, specific value can be shown on the back of the router.Enter login the router's username and password.

find system tools., found in the action bar on the left of the system tool options, is right here by some of the operating system setup.

system tools, under system tools will see modify the login password function.Click on to modify the login password to login user name and password.

enter the login user name and password, then enter the new user name and password, click save Settings can be successful.Next time you log in will need to use the new user name and password to log in.Two, modify the wifi password:


on the left side of the toolbar click wireless Settings, can be seen in the wireless set column, there is a wireless security Settings here set the name of the wireless and wireless wifi password.

in PSK password, direct changes to the original wireless password type a new password click save, the wireless password modification.

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