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How to check if anyone rub rub wifi, how to prevent others rub network [Detailed]

2018-01-15 13:20:20

how to check if someone ceng wifi?

according to the survey, as first entry users surfing the Internet, wireless routers are also be used to attack by hackers, threatened users surfing the Internet and privacy security tools, seventy percent of users to worry about the router security problems.

the following, we take a look at how to prevent others network.

to see whether someone ceng wifi method

1, first of all, we can query your own computer network wireless connection status.To log on to their first address router Settings.After

2, login click the left navigation "The wireless set "- "Radio host status "!Then I can see you have how many wireless network devices in the connection.

how to prevent others to steal

1, if you are a person to use wifi network, let's check their IP address!!!!!Said that a person's first, and then many people use can also be set!Check the IP method: click start, run, type CMD click ok!

2, and in the box type ipconfig and press enter.You will see your own IP address.Remember the first IP address!Address

3, and then open the router Settings.Do click inside the left navigation "Access control "- "Throughout the host list &;!

4, and then click "Add a single item "Button!

5, then the pattern choice - "IP address "!The host name can be named: "White list "!Then the LAN IP address is set to you just to check the IP.Such as my instead!I will set up instead -!!!!!This may look with you together with other wifi friend's IP, and then set the address section!!!!!Set up to save!

6, and then click on the navigation "Control rules "!And then click "Add a single item "Button!

7, and then "Rule description "Can write the ceng wifi!"Throughout the host list &;Is choice just add the white list!Goals and plans to select all!State options open!!And then click save.

8, and then click "Open access control "!And allows only the entries in the table in the target network access can!!Then other connections can't surf the Internet!

how to check if someone ceng wifi?You learn now?

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