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How to check the computer network

2018-01-19 09:30:45

check whether the network is the most basic operating normally, the xp system, for example, Windows 7 can actually find similar operations.

a view nic driver

- my computer, right-click properties - > hardware - > device manager

Windows 7: "Computer "Right click "Management "To find "The device manager "To find "Throughout the network adapter &;

card or drive there will be abnormal exclamation mark or fork fork!

2 see own network attributes

online neighbors - right-click properties - "local connection -" right - "the Internet -" attribute

Windows 7: network icon, click on the lower right corner or in the desktop "Network "Right-click on "Properties throughout the &;Click "Wireless Internet connection "Or "Cable connection "Select "Properties throughout the &;

household routing commonly used to automatically.

three check your network connectivity

start - > run - > enter CMD, enter;Or use Windows + R key combination of

type ipconfig/all can see your computer get the IP address, gateway address and DNS address, here is one of the important parameters of the machine network are healthy.After

the view to the gateway, input ping, see connectivity, if below show the timeout is not connected.More than

is the most basic operating adhere to network Settings, you yourself a try, computer operation must learn oh!

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