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How to check the password of virtual dial-up PPPoE

2018-01-19 14:28:45

Broadband PPPoE online password we often have no matter after setting, after a long period of time what we will forget the password, if which day need, how do we find online password password?Method to introduce the two methods below
a: when we usually deal with broadband will sign a contract, also can give a card, general contract or CARDS will have access to the Internet account and password, the Great Wall broadband password password for cell phone number after eight commonly
method 2: if we can't find the contract or the card, then we can look for password, login to the router we login to the router Settings interface (typically is, you will find asdl virtual PPPoE dial Internet account and password, the account and password is our operators to provide to us, only this account and password are correct, we can get to the Internet.If unable to connect to, please refer to the document: can't open the reason if you forgot your router password, please refer to the document: solve the problem of router password forgot password in the password at this time for
"* ", we can only through the software and recognize the password, you can download a: rank password viewer, is a tool, download address is as follows:
after decompression knight-errant password viewer, run: ViewPass. Exe, and then pull the magnifying glass to the password, or click "Web password "This belt "* "The password can be identified

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