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How to choose the best wireless network management software?

2018-01-11 17:05:24

at present, through the wireless router, wireless AP, wireless equipment to form a wireless network, has become the important ways of enterprise local area network (LAN) access to the Internet.On the one hand, this is because the wireless network does not need to be laying cable, reduces the trouble of cable laying;Wireless Internet is more and more fast, on the other hand, can be comparable to wired network, so this all contributed to the popularity of wireless networks.

the popularity of wireless local area network (LAN), makes the enterprise network management faces new problems.Due to the current mainstream network management software is developed based on the cable network, so the management of wireless network software is relatively lack;At the same time, due to the application of wireless network environment more and more, such as wireless router, secretly to install with wifi, etc.), to further increase the trouble of wireless network management, so as to make the enterprises and institutions to set up a wireless network love, hate, wireless network management problems need to solve.

then, enterprises and institutions LAN how to better manage wireless LAN Internet behavior?The author thought, can through the following two methods: the

a, through the wireless router's own network management function to control the wireless devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablet online behavior.

under normal circumstances, the wireless router comes with some primary network management functions, such as limited speed, banned online watching video, blocking websites, only to open some website, only to make some computers or prohibit certain computer surfing the Internet and so on.At the same time, some wireless routers can also limit the network game, banning online play games, etc.As shown in the figure below:

figure: wireless router IP control, computer network bandwidth constraints,

(2) through the special wireless network management software, wireless local area network management software to limit computer wireless Internet behavior.

by special wireless local area network management software, wireless network control software to limit the computer Internet behavior, wlan network management is more simple method.For example, there is a "Trunk network management "Software need only in local area network (LAN) a computer can control under the wireless router installed on all computers of Internet behavior, can ban computer download, play computer games, online shopping online watch video, are prohibited.As shown in the figure below:

figure: network management software ban P2P download, block video websites, Internet TV

figure: LAN speed control software control computer network, network traffic

figure: ban LAN control software shopping website, restrictions on online shopping

figure: ban LAN games, shielding online games,

computers to play games in addition, the trunk network management software can also ban LAN, wireless router LAN with wifi, ban LAN phone tablet on the Internet, etc., to prevent the staff to install a wireless router, avoid to use portable wifi behavior and banning company wifi access via mobile phones, to prevent the network resources from being abused.Trunk, as shown in the figure below:

figure: network ban wireless router connected to the LAN, portable wifi, prohibit using tablet

online in a word, whether through a wireless router's own network control functions or through special wireless network management software, wireless LAN, wireless local area network (wlan) control software can realize the management of Internet behavior purpose, relative to the former, only through specialized wireless network management software is more simple and convenient.

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