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How to choose the wireless network speed limit software, the wireless router speed limit tool?

2018-01-02 15:26:05

at present, due to the increasing popularity of wireless routers, through the wireless router to the Internet is becoming more and more convenient, at the same time as a result of the wireless Internet avoid network wiring trouble, also facilitate a laptop computer, tablet or cell phone to the Internet, so the phenomenon more and more to the Internet via a wireless router.In

enterprises and institutions, wireless local area network (LAN) generally have the following two forming modes: one kind is through the router or switch in the company the following connect a network cable to the wireless router, and then LAN laptop, tablet, or mobile phones and other mobile Internet devices through the wireless router to the Internet;Another way is directly through modem, fiber optic converters connected wireless router for wireless Internet access.

on the one hand to the Internet via a wireless router has made great employees work needs, facilitate the daily work;On the other hand because of smart phones and tablet devices becoming popular, now makes employees work time by mobile phone, tablets, or their own laptop, also become very convenient, and is often used in online entertainment, private affairs and other online activities that has nothing to do with personal work, office, employees at the same time if the use of mobile phones, tablets, watching video, download online entertainment file will also greatly company network bandwidth resources, resulting in decreased local area network someone who comported himself slowly, network performance.Wireless Internet behavior, therefore, it is necessary to control employees, guide staff more use of wireless network company for company's day-to-day office rather than for private affairs, prevent employees from inappropriate online behavior and impact to the company's daily network operation.

so, enterprises how to wireless Internet behavior in staff management, control, wireless LAN network speed?The author thought that can be done by the following two ways:

a, with its own wireless router network speed, Internet behavior management to restrain employee behavior on the Internet.

in general, a lot of wireless routers have brought some basic network control function, such as ban LAN online shopping, online watch video, restrictions, LAN connection, etc.At the same time, the configuration in wireless router this relatively simple.After landing a router, on the left side you can see & other;Bandwidth limitations & throughout;, & otherThe Internet behavior control & throughout;Etc., and then click in can do some configuration.As shown in the figure below:

figure: wireless router to limit speed capture

shielding online video, online if you want to see a movie, and you just need to add url in the router, as shown in the figure below:

figure: wireless router prohibit Internet

but, in the company local area network (LAN), due to the wireless routers are often individuals to access, and this makes the webmaster is often inaccessible in carry out relevant configuration.At the same time, the wireless router with no way to IP and MAC address binding, also cannot identify mobile phone, tablet or laptop, so we can not achieve precise control, cannot ban employees mobile wireless Internet, tablets surf the Internet.So, this case may need to use special wireless network management software, software of the wireless network speed limit.

2, through the special wireless network management software, wireless network speed limit software to control the wireless local area network (LAN) access to the Internet, wireless local area network with limited bandwidth.

at present, there are a lot of domestic network management software can also realize wireless LAN network speed, LAN network behavior management.For example, there is a & other;Trunk network management & throughout;LAN speed limit software can realize the wireless local area network (LAN) limited network, wireless local area network (LAN) network management.As shown in the figure below:

figure: limit at the same time, the computer network, control access to the Internet bandwidth

trunk network management can also ban LAN P2P download, network television, restrictions, watching video online behavior, which can effectively prevent the network bandwidth consumed by these online activities, as shown in the figure below:

figure: ban LAN P2P download, see network TV, shielding online video behavior for

enterprises and institutions of the wireless local area network (LAN) of two different method, namely through the wireless routers and switches connect simple wireless router.& other;Trunk network management & throughout;Can effectively limit.Concrete implementation method is as follows: first of all, the

trunk network management can scan to LAN and wireless router can be automatically disable wireless router, so we can put an end to the behavior of the staff to install a wireless router.As shown in the figure below:

figure: detect the wireless router, find the wireless router function, monitoring network wireless router

figure: ban LAN connect wireless router, wireless router connected to the company local area network (LAN) of

at the same time, if you don't want to completely disable wireless router, then you can use a wireless router as a computer to control, so wireless router here all computers will be indirect control, such as you can to limit by using the method of limit speed wireless router wireless router to the mobile phone, tablets, Internet speed, prevent the mobile Internet network behavior.

if your wireless router LAN is entirely through the Internet, trunk, on the one hand, the network administrator can detect wireless local area network (LAN) of mobile phones and tablets and to prohibit the wireless Internet.On the other hand can also be mobile phones and tablets as a computer to control, restricted mobile wireless Internet connection, such as mobile phone wireless download, etc.As shown in the figure below:

figure: detect LAN mobile wireless

figure: automatically detects and automatically disable mobile wireless Internet access,

at the same time, the trunk network management can also detect LAN with wifi and automatically disable portable wifi function, can prevent employees from a portable wifi installed on company computers to secretly for their own phone tablets provide wireless Internet behavior, further standardize the network management.

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