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How to configure a command on a LAN switch

2018-01-08 12:08:49

LAN switches from traditional Shared LAN development HUB type to a broader space.With Cisco product Catalyst5000 series LAN switches, for example, it includes an integrated switching hardware structure, support the exchange of 10 Mbps Ethernet and 100 - Mbps fast Ethernet, can through the fast Ethernet, FDDI, switched token-ring and layer 3 switching capacity.The class switches to LAN workstation, server, network segments, backbone and other users with access to the exchange.

cisco IOS software for Catalyst platform and network applications with advanced network services.Cisco IOS technology for the exchange is optimized, and can be used for all Catalyst switches, including: used for broadband set Fast Mr Channel technology: the optimal multicast and multimedia traffic performance of Cisco group management protocol support;As well as the extensive management features.CiscoIOS software also supports virtual local area network (VLAN) configuration and management, web services access IP address management, and security.

Catalyst6000 family including Catalyst6500 series and Catalyst6000 series, for campus network to provide a series of new high-performance multilayer exchange solution.Catalyst6000 family is designed to meet the backbone distribution and collection server environment of one billion scalability, high availability, and increasing demand of an exchange of multilayer provides excellent scalability and performance, supporting a wide range of density of interface, performance and high availability options.By providing application intelligent mechanisms and security, service quality and customer can more effective use of their network to increase customer service (such as multicast and ERP application), without sacrificing network performance.If combined with CISCO IOS widely network services, Catalyst6000 family can provide powerful management in corporate Intranet, user mobility, safety, high availability, and multimedia support.Besides Catalyst5000 Catalyst5000 cisco

series switches, also includes Catalyst5002, Catalyst5500, Catalyst5505, Catalyst5509 four models, such as they are Catalyst5000 series enhanced.This project use the equipment for Catalyst5509 switches.Commonly used Catalyst5509, for example, Catalyst5509 housing a total of nine slots, the first slot is used for the Supervisor Engine module, the module provide layer 2 switching and remote network management, module with dual port, full-duplex fast Ethernet interface.You can have the highest rate of 400 MBPS connection other Catalyst5000, routers and servers.

second slot is used to insert backup Supervisor Engine module.Other 7 slots can be used to any exchange module combination configuration and routing exchange module.Catalyst5509 chassis for fixed on the standard 19 inch rack.In case same side of the operation of all system components.A complete system must be equipped with a power supply.In order to realize the fault tolerance, optional double backup, load balancing, power can be charged.Catalyst6000 series and Catalyst5000 LAN switches, powerful functions, including a lot of use and maintenance command.The following a few commonly used commands, in the space below, please give some simple instructions.

1 on the setting of the port

set port name

set port name mod_num/Port_num[name _string]

_ (1) _

set port level mod_num/port_num noramal|high

set port rate

set port speed mod_num/port_num

_ (2) _

set port duplex mod_num/port_num full|half

check port configuration state

show port mod_num/port_num

2 on network port sc0 setting

sets a logical port for physical connections in VLAN,

sc0 set interface sc0 vlan_num[ip_address[netmask[broadcast]]]

3 on the setting of VLAN,

_ (3) _

set VLAN vlan_num[name name][type type]

checks the VLAN configuration state www.jb51.net

show vlan

4 test

on Trunk

sets up a relay

on a particular port

set trunk mod/port_num[on|off|desirable|auto][vlans]

_ (4) _

show trunk

5 on the setting of spantree,

in a certain VLAN

spantree set spantree enable [vlan]

set a bridged forwarding delay

in a VLAN

set spantree fwddelay delay[vlan]

sets the sending interval

of the Hello message in a VLAN

set spantree Hello interval[vlan]

set the maximum duration of a

VLAN bridge connection

set spantree maxage agingtime[vlan]

_ (5) _

set spantree portcost mod_num/port_num cost

6 configuration of the SNMP protocol

configuring the domain string of SNMP:

set SNMP community read-only read-write read-write-all community_string

| |

_ (6) _

set SNMP trap rcvr_address rcvr_community

_ (7) _

show snmp

7's piecewise

on IP packages

sets a piecewise

for the IP package in the bridge connection between FDDI and Ethernet

set IP fragmentation {enable disable}


8 about the message

that ICMP has not arrived

set IP unreachable{enable disable}


9 on the setting of the ARP table www.jb51.net

creates a ARP table and sets the refresh time of the table,

set ARP {ip_addr hw_addr agingtime agingtime}


10 configuration

on switch three layer switching module

telnet ip_address landed on the three layer switching module


rsm # show run according to the current configuration file #

RSM show int vlan id display state of vlan

RSM # show IP route

three layers of routing information exchange vlan configuration:

# RSM conf t

rsm (config) # int vlan id

rsm (config) # IP address A.B.C.D netmask

rsm # # no shutdown

rsm wr mem

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