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How to configure the Internet process, router Internet configuration

2018-01-23 13:01:21

China now offer Internet broadband service company has: netcom, railcom, telecommunications, professional call: the ISP (Internet service provider), telecom business belonging to China mobile, netcom business belonging to China unicom, no matter which one, is roughly the same access to the Internet for users to provide services, namely broadband: broadband communications companies to provide users with high speed access Internet access business, the user can through the ADSL or fiber-optic broadband access, realize high speed surfing the Internet.Characterized by real-time online, don't have to dial, will not affect the phone when surfing the Internet.Reliable safety, can enjoy more interactive multimedia services.

broadband business is relatively narrow, in general, whose rate is less than 2 MB/s referred to narrowband communications business operations, such as telephone network, N - ISDN provided by the business.The communication business for more than 2 MB/s, such as frame relay service, video on demand, ATM business, such as TV conference called broadband communications business.

currently in the application of broadband access technology mainly has two kinds: ADSL (asymmetric user number line, commonly used) and FTTX + LAN (fiber to the home: this method on the Internet faster, but in the center of the village installed switches, floor between the integrated wiring technology).

family most before using ADSL, means: asymmetric user user number line (because the asymmetry of uplink and downlink bandwidth), ADSL technology is running in the original ordinary telephone lines on a new high-speed broadband technology, which USES a pair of existing copper wire, to provide users with the downward, asymmetric transmission rate (bandwidth).

"FTTX + LAN"Broadband is taiyuan communications officially open to the public broadband IP access business."FTTX + LAN"Use of optical fiber + LAN access, i.e., Ethernet direct to client, the user can through the LAN's largest 100 million speed broadband IP network."FTTX + LAN"Access to five types of cable integrated wiring, is suitable for all kinds of group users, such as: government, enterprise, information of all kinds of data centers, schools, community, business office buildings, hotels, etc.This is a way of using optical fiber line plus five type of network to realize broadband access solutions, implementing gigabit switches to the community (building) fiber center, center and corridor switch correlates with optical fiber network cable connected or five classes, in the corridor adopts integrated wiring, users online rate can be up to 10 MBPS, network scalability is strong, the investment is small.Another optical fiber, optical fiber to the home to the office, optical fiber to the desktop access to a variety of ways to meet the needs of different users.Using star network topology, FTTX + LAN users share the bandwidth.The general called "Residential broadband ".This way is called village of the mainstream way online now.

two types of broadband access is provided by network service quality is high and low difference, say the difference: ADSL through telephone line to transmit signal, and FTTX + LAN using optical fiber to connect with your ISP, popular is the fast speed, when we use the Internet to set up generally consistent.The way of Internet connection are the same, just some differences on the hardware, and below we pointed out one by one.

first of all, we going to buy from the ISP broadband services, the local ISP will be assigned to you a network account and password.We need to prepare RJ

-45 joints (commonly known as crystal head) twisted-pair cables are commonly this standard, modems (commonly known as: the cat), the router (router is for home multiple computers to the Internet, at the same time, after all, leads to the interface has a family, can be understood as "Throughout the interface &;Switches),

first explain the use of physical equipment:

1. Cable, usually twisted-pair (into the unshielded twisted-pair cable, shielded twisted-pair cable, both difference is to keep to the signal), namely, RJ 45 sub - (crystal) cables, cables and other standards, such as coaxial cables, optical fiber, but is the widespread use of twisted-pair cable.

2. A modem (cat), the function is to channel (transmission lines) and signal conversion between computers, accurate definition is: can translate computer digital signal into the analog signal transmitted over regular telephone lines, and the analog signal can be line another modem at the other end of the receiving, and translated into computer language can understand.

including broadband Internet access in different ways for different modems, for example: the community broadband (fiber to the home or to the floor), use "Light throughout the cat &;-Is optical broadband optical fiber door, you need to use the light cat dial-up Internet access, similar to ordinary cat, but in terms of technology, general cat belongs to the telephone line access, and the light cat is specialized in optical fiber access, both different interface protocols, so light cat with normal cats have essential differences, not both.

3. The router: if a home or office, there are many computer, need to surf the Internet at the same time, and our network account only one, this time you use a router (of course also can use another kind of outdated equipment: hub), the router can be understood as: more than one interface "Hub ", the fact is that the router has many functions, is the main route choice, for we use router in our life: divided into broadband router, wireless router.Wireless router is more than a wireless capabilities, as long as there is a wireless network card, the computer we can out of the shackles of cable, on the Internet.Covered more than

of these nets don't have to worry about, when we deal with broadband business commonly, there comes with such a device, if not, can also go to the computer equipment shop say broadband business types, run by the rest of the things to the service personnel.It is demonstrated how to make the network connection under

the first don't need a router

1. First of all, we need the following order: RuHuXian - cat - so your computer.RuHuXian for different types have different lines of broadband access modes, such as using ADSL: RuHuXian is telephone line.Of light soldering household (community broadband FTTX) : RuHuXian is: mainly twisted-pair (or fiber).

2. Open the computer, directly into the network and sharing center or click on the screen at the bottom right icon, as shown in figure:

3. Click "Set a new connection ".

4. Click "Set up a new Internet"

5. Click "Broadband "

6. The input applied to the account password (ISP account on the user's phone number), connection name to name.More than

completed the steps on the Internet.

the second: have a router (basic steps)

1. Connect RuHuXian and modems (cat)

2 will be connected to the router's W mouth cat

3. Then step back, take the cables we use computer interface on the router other interface, there is no difference between interfaces.

4. On the router Settings, computer with Internet, open a browser (note: at this time because there is no set the router we still can't get to the Internet), in the browser address bar enter (different router, is not the same as the address, the market to buy a router is commonly at united.Such as the TP - LINK, routers), input the above address into the router Settings interface, as shown in figure: password accounts are admin

5. Click "Setup wizard ", then select "Virtual dial-up ", enter the account password.Click save

6 PM on the DHCP server, click "Enable ", can be saved (usually enabled by default)

7. Click "System tools ", click "Restart the system "Can

8. Right now we have finished the network configuration, we are not "Broadband connection "Every time, because in setting up the router, the router boot, connect automatically, our IP address is dynamically allocated.

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