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How to connect a laptop wireless router Internet access?

2018-01-19 10:28:18
This paper introduces the

notebook wireless router wireless network Internet connection method.Before the introduction first of all, we should be clear, that is our laptop must be built-in wireless card or support wireless capabilities.Below small make up hands-on practice, to demonstrate methods about laptop connect wireless network.

laptop connected to the wireless network method (Windows 7 system, for example)

1, find the laptop desktop wireless icon and the bottom right hand corner, as shown in the figure below.

2, click on the wireless icon, select to connect wireless network name, click "Connection ", as shown in the figure below;

3, input connected wireless network name corresponding wireless password, click "Identify ", as shown in the figure below;After

4, the connection is successful, click on the wireless network icon again, check the connection information, as shown in the figure below.

attention question: if the connection is complete, the wireless network icon with an exclamation point, that the connection is successful, but the network is unavailable.

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