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How to connect the computer WiFi, laptop wifi Internet access method [Detailed steps]

2018-01-11 12:38:26

guide language: we now life is need a computer in many ways, such as a lot of people in the process of study or work can use the computer, and now relative to the desktop computers, notebook computers is more convenient.But if the computer did not have the network, so many functions are not in use, the computer is only for us a useless machine, now we mainly rely on the Internet WiFi, then the computer should be how to connect to WiFi?Let small make up for your answer!!!!

(1) set up TCP/IP

installed on your computer after the wireless network card (notebook you basic is already installed), right-click the desktop an icon -

properties in the pop-up window will appear in the wireless network connection icon, and then right-click wireless network connection -

properties in the pop-up window, double click the general TAB of the Internet protocol (TCP/IP)

in the new pop-up window choose to obtain IP address automatically and obtain DNS server address automatically, sure can choose

(2) to obtain IP address automatically see the available wireless connection

step 1: click the right mouse button "Online neighbors "Icon and choose "Properties throughout the &;Step 2:

into "The network connection "Dialog box, click the right mouse button wireless network card, select "See the available wireless connection "Step three:

into "Wireless Internet connection "Dialog box, select "Refresh the network list ", view the list of available in the area of wireless network,

(3) is connected to the telecom WLAN network

where to find hot spots of wireless network, select China telecom WIFI network (ChinaNet), click on the link;Waiting for automatic access to the IP address after successful connect

wireless network connected

please note that the computer should appear at the bottom right of the wireless connection is successful signal if there are

mark or display "Part of the connection "Or "Limited connection "Words that did not successfully connect WIFI network of China telecom (ChinaNet), the reason may be that the network is busy, please try a few times more,

(4) in

step one: open any web page, IE will show: "If you are not redirected, click here"Words, this time the page is redirected, or might not click, you can click on the page will automatically jump to the login page, if the page can't normal login, please try to through other way of Internet access connection, check to see if hot spot coverage cover is located

step 2: enter the phone number - enter the password login -

if you do not remember your password, click "SMS to get WiFi password button ", get your account password from SMS

well, the above is the content of the small make up for all compiled a laptop should be how to connect to WiFi very specific steps, small make up believes that people today should also have learned, then everyone will strike while the iron is hot go to try this way!Now we are in the use of computers, it is to be connected to the network, it is enough to see the importance of the network of our human, so to learn how to connect to the network is also very important.

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