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How to connect the computer in the control m300, control m300 troubleshooting

2018-01-15 14:49:32

now is the age of artificial intelligence, a lot of things can be addressed by computer as well as the combination of the affiliated electronic equipment.Such as attendance in this matter, also took the muster points one by one before, and can't avoid some a generation of attendance.And attendance recorder is a device used for attendance record, it can reduce the artificial trouble, make attendance becomes more convenient.Fingerprint attendance way and make the results more effective.Small make up today is to introduce a central m300 attendance recorder.Introduction of

central m300

central m300 is control of the company research and development of a rf card attendance machine.Its storage capacity and registration capacity to 30000/50000, data save time more than 3000 hours.Built-in WEB LINUX SERVER browser, and support the HOST, the CLIENT of the U disk.

reference price: RMB

(price is derived from the network, for reference only)

the complete machine interface, how to connect to the computer through Ethernet cable or USB line, 485 line on three ways to connect to the computer, still can not connect the computer, download data with U disk directly.

with a USB cable to connect the most convenient, direct in attendance, equipment is added to the software, choose the USB connection.

with cable connection at a distance, the attendance machine with Ethernet cable connected to your company's switch, and then you in attendance equipment is added to the software, select TCP/IP connection mode, enter the IP address of the machine.After

in attendance set is added to the software, some have been added equipment, then point connected devices.Why not the latest data of

solution a: and then select the attendance record data →USB flash drive management →Select "Self-service fingerprint time clock or color screen machine (see the fingerprint machine start interface) "→Select "The import record data to the computer "TAB →Then select "From the U disk import record ", select the personnel and time to query, query

solution 2: you want to import data from a usb stick, can you do it, and then see if there is a record

in attendance record solution 3:1, to confirm attendance machine download data to a computer.2, in the download attendance data 3. Ensure that employees have set up a flight and then select the print - the door of choice - select start time and end time - point query - finally choose report type OK

above is small make up today to give you an introduction about the central m300 use question solution, believe everyone after finish for some possible problems already know how to solve.Small central m300 although very useful, but if it were done for the first time the use of the method is more complex.Small make up recommend, must be careful when you use the instruction after you get the machine, so it can reduce the error, so as not to cause more trouble.Common problem, of course, also can consult the solution.

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