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How to connect the fiber transceiver, fiber transceiver connection method

2018-01-03 16:46:09

takeaway: we want to get to the Internet, it is necessary to connect to the Internet, and in our daily life is the most commonly used network broadband, broadband connection to connect cables, but cable it has some limitations in data transmission, the transmission distance is very small, usually cable transmission distance of only 100 meters, if we want to be connected to the transmission distance is larger networks, fiber optic transceivers can help us to solve this problem, then you know the connection method of optical transceiver?Let's take a look at some of the related introduction optical transceiver.

when we are in the arrangement of the larger network, had to use a relay device.Of course, the use of other types of circuit to transmit.Optical fiber is a kind of very good choice, optical fiber transmission distance, in general the single-mode optical fiber transmission distance above 10 km, and multimode optical fiber transmission distance can also be achieved highest 2 km.In the use of optical fiber, we often use the optical transceiver.

optical transceiver connection and method of use:

want to know how to use optical transceiver, must first know what role does the optical transceiver.Simple, the effect of optical transceiver is mutual transformation between the optical signals and electrical signals.Input optical signals from the mouth of light, from the mouth (common RJ45 crystal head interface) output signals, and vice versa.The process is about: convert electrical signal to light signal, are transmitted through optical fiber, again at the other end to convert optical signals into electrical signals, then access routers, switches, and so on equipment.

therefore, the use of fiber optic transceivers are usually in pairs.Operators (telecom, mobile, unicom), for example, the room inside the optical transceiver (probably other devices) and your fiber optic transceivers.If you want to use optical transceiver to form their own local area network (LAN), it must be used in pairs.Optical transceiver

commonly used in Ethernet cable can't cover, optical fiber must be used to extend the transmission distance of actual network environment, at the same time help the last kilometer in the fiber optic lines connected to the man and the outer also played a big role in the network.With optical transceiver, also for the need to upgrade to the optical fiber system from copper wire, for lack of money, manpower or time users provides a cheap solution.The function of optical transceiver is, will we need to send electrical signals into light signals, and send out, at the same time, the light of the received signal can be converted into electrical signals, the input to our receiving end.

general optical transceiver and general switch, through the electricity, plug in, can do not need to do the configuration.Fiber optic light mouth, RJ45 crystal head plug in the mouth.But pay attention to the optical fiber transceiver, a closed one root hair, not change each other.

cable from the outside to come in, fiber optic cable to weld the cable box, terminal box, optical cable welding is door technology, need to put the cable strip away, with fine fiber tail fiber and cable in welding, welding in a box, so that we end fiber came out, head of fiber optic pick on the ODF (a rack with coupler), on the other side of the frame is fine (fiber optic jumper wire can also, fiber optic jumper with tail fiber is actually do), pick up on the optical transceiver, optical transceiver a router - switches - LAN - host cable connection.

is the connection method of optical transceiver, you know?If you want to use the network is no longer limited to the transmission distance, then hurry to see the connection method of optical transceiver, optical transceiver can realize conversion, optical signals and electrical signals through the optical fiber signal conversion, and finally some device to connect, to connect optical transceiver friends, hurry to see the connection method of optical transceiver, believe that through the above methods can give you better access to the Internet.

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