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How to connect the laptop wifi [detailed steps]

2018-01-15 11:11:42

in this laptop and wireless network popularization of s, are you still don't know should how to set up a wireless network connection?Or is it also don't know how to connect the laptop and wireless network?Now quickly follow small make up the pen to learn together, now all the laptop when a factory generally automatically with a wireless network card, here I take the Windows 7 system, for example, to tell you our usual daily life should be how to use basic computer connect wireless network!

1) set up TCP/IP

installed on your computer after the wireless network card (notebook you basic is already installed), right-click the desktop an icon -

properties in the pop-up window will appear in the wireless network connection icon, and then right-click wireless network connection -

properties in the pop-up window, double click the general TAB of the Internet protocol (TCP/IP)

in the new pop-up window choose to obtain IP address automatically and obtain DNS server address automatically, sure can choose to automatically obtain IP address

(2) to see the available wireless connection

step 1: click the right mouse button "Online neighbors "Icon and choose "Properties throughout the &;Step 2:

into "The network connection "Dialog box, click the right mouse button wireless network card, select "See the available wireless connection "Step three:

into "Wireless Internet connection "Dialog box, select "Refresh the network list ", view the list of available in the area of wireless network,

(3) is connected to the telecom WLAN network

where to find hot spots of wireless network, select China telecom WIFI network (ChinaNet), click on the link;After waiting for automatic access to the IP address successfully connect

wireless network is connected, please pay attention to the computer wireless connection should appear at the bottom right successful signal if there are

mark or display "Part of the connection "Or "Limited connection "Words that did not successfully connect WIFI network of China telecom (ChinaNet), the reason may be that the network is busy, please try a few times more,

(4) in

step one: open any web page, IE will show: "If you are not redirected, click here"Words, this time the page is redirected, or might not click, you can click on the page will automatically jump to the login page, if the page can't normal login, please try to through other way of Internet access connection https://wlan.ct10000.com/ or https://wifi.ct10000.com/, see if hot spot coverage cover is located

step 2: enter the phone number - enter the password login -

if you do not remember your password, click "SMS to get WiFi password button ", get your account password from SMS

wireless network connection method is to introduce you to them and through the above steps carefully so I believe everyone will effortlessly can solve the problem of the wireless network connection, but I also want to remind you you when you need to use the wireless network connection to make sure their laptop is wireless network connection is in a state of open, that is to say we are a computer must be able to receive normal to the wireless network signal otherwise everything I said you can't do.

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