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How to connect the new computer network, computer network connection method

2018-01-16 09:19:04

computer since birth is popular with the attention of people, and also in slowly expanding application range, use more and more people, but a lot of people use computers to be limited to one's own work or entertainment, no other function, such as buying a new computer, how to connect to the network, how to computer disk partitions, which are all confused problems, but also will encounter this kind of situation, immediately to explain new computers for everyone connected to the network operating steps and its partition.

1: new computer how to connect to the Internet, you mouseover "Online neighbors "Place, right-click, select "Properties throughout the &;, open "The network connection ".

2, select the left & the other;Create a new connection ".

3, "Connect to the Internet"—>"Manually throughout my connection &;—>"Use requires a user name and password of broadband connection to connect "—>"ISP name "(literally take, also can be directly click next) —>Input "The user name "And "Password "(to the business hall opened network will provide you with "The user name "And "Throughout the password &;).Then click "The next step "Until the confirmation.

4, and then you will generate a shortcut on the desktop.Double-click the shortcut, click "Connection "Can surf the Internet.

new computer how to partition hard drive

a hard disk partition principle: FAT 32 is most suited to disk C

reason: disk C is generally system disk, the main operating system installed, we usually have FAT32 and NTFS two options.Is the use of the experience, take some more convenient use FAT32.Because in C disk operating system damage or remove boot loading Trojan virus, we often need to use to start the tool set to repair.And many start tool disk evolved Win98 startup disk, in most case, it can't identify NTFS partitions, to C disk operation, the author has ever met under DOS confuse D dish with disk C, protects the formatting and loss of data.

hard disk partition principle 2: disk C shoulds not be too big reason:

C disk is system disk, hard disk read and write more, errors and disk fragmentation is bigger also, scanning and disk defragmentation is daily work, and the two work time is closely related to the disk capacity.C disk capacity is too large, often can make both work extremely slow, which affects the work efficiency, recommended disk C in addition to the installation system, reserve capacity in 10 gb ~ 20 gb is more appropriate, software program installed in D disk as far as possible.

hard disk partition principle 3: in addition to this as far as possible use NTFS partition C

reason: the NTFS file system is a file system based on safety and reliability, in addition to compatibility, it is much better than the FAT32.It not only can support up to 2 TB partition size, and support to the partition, the compression of folders and files, can more effectively manage the disk space.On NTFS partitions for LAN users to share resources, folders, and files set access permissions, security is far more than the high FAT 32.So, in addition to the main system partition for compatibility and use FAT32, other partition using NTFS is appropriate.If the other partition using FAT32, we can't even on the hard drive virtual DVD image file size limit, was unable to set the permissions on the folder and partition, nature also not save at dozens of GB HDTV file.Hard disk partition principle 4:

pairs system and multiple system a lot of good reason:

now trojans, virus, adware, rogue software, system slow, unable to surf the Internet, are very common things could not be started.Once that happens,

heavy, antivirus consumes a lot of time, often lose work.Some stubborn boot loading of trojans and viruses could not even deleted in the original system.And if you have a backup system, things will be much simpler, start to another system, can calmly antivirus, remove Trojan, repair another system, and the original system recovery with mirror.Even if you don't do processing, also can use another system to work, not because the computer problems delay things.So the double system and even more benefits, C partition, in addition to this, to keep one or two spare system partition is necessary, the backup system partition can also be used to install some software program at the same time, and about 20 gb capacity.Hard disk partition principle 5:

systems, procedures, data separation

reason: Windows has a bad habit, is "Throughout my document &;Some personal data such as the default on the system partition.As a result, once to format system disk to completely destroy viruses and trojans, and no backup data, data security is a problem.Is the right thing will need to be registered in the system folder and copy file and write data in the table of the program is installed to the system partition inside;For those who can be installed in a green, only the installation folder of files you can run the program to partition;All kinds of text, tables, such as the document itself does not contain executable file, need other programs can open information, are placed into data partition.In this way, even if the system paralysis, have to reinstall, available procedures and information is not short of, will soon be back to work, rather than to find a program to restore data again and have a headache.

hard disk partition principle 6: keep a giant partition at least

reason: admittedly, as the growth of the hard drive capacity, is growing in the volume of files and programs.Used a compressed movie but a few hundred MB, and now a HDTV will be close to 20 gb;A game just before a few MB, bigger but also a few hundred MB, and now a game at several GB.If partition in accordance with the principle of average, when you want to save two HDTV film, these giant file storage would be in trouble.For huge amounts of hard disk, therefore, necessary to separate a capacity over 100 gb partition for the giant file storage.

people often use the computer to computer networking is likely to be familiar with, but the new computer is a little different, you can learn can easily grasp, if a computer can't connected to the Internet, then its value will be greatly reduced, so this is you have to learn a skill.In addition, the computer partition is also a big problem, long complex data and files without classify preservation, it find the problem is a headache, according to the corresponding methods and steps in order to solve the problem, you might as well try.

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