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How to connect wifi mobile phone, mobile phone how to open WiFi hotspot

2018-01-15 08:58:09

a little bit too much to say now is the Internet era, now we are not just limited to find information on the Internet, watch video, we more is through the Internet for some living things, such as online order takeout, access to the Internet to buy clothes, and so on.So in this case, we only need to be in a space that has wifi could do many things, don't even need to get out of the house door.With mobile phone function continuously strong, we only need to do anything on the Internet using a mobile phone connection wifi can be completed.So mobile phone how to connect to wifi?

mobile phone how to connect to wifi?If you want to say

mobile phones connect wifi is very simple thing, so this statement is not quite right.Today is the increasingly powerful mobile phone function, make our phone operating more and more complex, may be can't even some simple method of connecting the wifi, so the following will give you say mobile phone how to connect to wifi?Here we mainly by the android mobile phone as an example to explain for you.Mobile phone interface to come first, and then in the main menu to find "Set up ".Then open set point, find "WLAN"Then click open.

open "WLAN"After that, we can send to search a lot of the wireless network name, the wireless network has a different signal strength.Opens at then you know the password of wifi, enter wifi password in the pop-up dialog box, click on the link, you can wait a few seconds later the wifi connection.Here to note that in general is to join our wifi close when there is an error, it usually won't tell you the wifi password mistake.This time you need to make confirmation by his own judgment, if haven't connected to the input password after delayed, that's basically the wifi password input error appears.How to open the wifi hotspot

cell phone?Need to open

wi-fi hotspots, we can be found in the Settings menu "Wifi and network "And then found in the following dialog "Binding and portable hot ", then click portable hot Settings, then click make portable hotspots.Enter your wifi name in the dialog and wifi password, then click save.The last tick in the box on the right side of the portable WLAN hotspot to complete the whole process of open portable WLAN hotspots.It's important to note that different mobile phone have different ways to open, but the general process are similar.

wifi as the most popular way of get to the Internet, its importance is self-evident.For mobile phones, we can not only receive wifi.We can also through the phone itself for the wifi launch.Mobile wifi hotspot is the function of the life we often use.Although the use of mobile phone wi-fi hotspots and router wifi or have a lot of different places, but in the case of adequate flow, we can fully will flow into a wifi hotspot.Whether mobile phones connect wifi or launch wi-fi hotspots, wifi has already become a part of life.

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