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How to connect wifi without desktop card, desktop wireless wifi connection method

2018-01-12 13:36:05

believe every use desktop friends have such doubt, why desktop can't connect wifi?And the laptop is not the same, desktop without wireless network drive, so he can't connect wireless network.But, when a desktop connection network adapter can connect, after this card can accept wifi signal, so as to make the desktop computer can also through wifi.But most people still wondering how desktop computers connected wifi without the need for a network card, let's see below.

desktop computer how don't connect wifi network card?

phone Settings inside developers options, and then open the USB debugging.Then connect the computers and mobile phones with usb data cable, here I use xp demo for you.Xp system generally need to download "Shared USB drive "Decompression.In the hardware setup wizard Settings when select "Weight list and specify the location to install "Then browse and select the "Shared USB drive ".Continue to open in the mobile phone Settings panel, choose more, network sharing and portable hot, open the USB sharing network.Throughout

and then right click on the above the computer &;Online neighbors "Into the network view panel, where you will find here a local connection to more than usual, I here to give a name to it throughout the &;I Shared ".To step on our "Mobile wireless card "Has set up a success, mobile phone is connected hotspot has being used in desktop computers, in order to verify whether the available network, before we could start with disable local connection network.As the local connection is disabled, connect to is that we just set "I Shared "Look at our QQ online status, this is just to prove our desktop has achieved "Does not use in wireless network card "The function.How do

desktop wifi connection?

hardware preparation: the computer must be installed a wireless network card, suggest directly buy USB wireless network card.Install nic driver: ensure proper identification card by computer, is to use the first condition of wireless network.When purchasing a wireless network card, by will bring a driver CD, CD run directly in the executable file can automatically complete the installation of the entire drive operation.When the wireless network card driver installation is finished, insert the USB wireless network card, and open "The control panel ", click "Network and sharing center "To enter.Then click "Change adapter Settings "Items.In the open window, click on the wireless network card equipment, selection "Connection/disconnection "Items.At this time will appear on the status bar "Connect wireless snatched "Window, select search to the wireless network, click "Connection "Button.Input connection password, click "Connection "Button.Connect the WiFi network operation can be realized.

through the above methods, we all can make his desktop computer, either in a network card, or in the absence of the network card can also be through wifi.Desktop computers both at work and usually play an important role in your life.Relative to the notebook and desktop computer surfing the Internet is relatively better than a laptop is fluent, also is very comfortable to use, so at home or the office, most of them like to buy a desktop.

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