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How to control the router traffic

2018-01-11 12:41:06

Internet cafes router function of traffic control at present most of the

Internet cafes in the use of the router, also did not give full play to the power of the router function, which makes the router's Internet cafes resources are wasted in vain.Cause the cannot give full play to the function of the router Internet cafes there are a variety of reasons, but the main thing is that Internet cafe owner and administrator of Internet cafes router functions don't know.In order to make Internet cafe owner and administrators can better use the router, IT world network channel, we collected some commonly used function of Internet cafes routers, introduce one to you.


router function is introduced: the common functions we defined as some common basic common function, and practical function.They mainly include flow control, support for internal server, DHCP, IEEE802.1 X authentication, specify the computer Internet access and timing on/off Internet access function, these functions can provide very good help for Internet cafes operating.

router function is introduced: the flow control of flow control is believed to have

are very familiar with, now all the Internet cafes dedicated router has this function.It can realize the network bandwidth allocation, due to the continuous expansion of Internet bar now, corresponding bandwidth are also increasing, if according to the previous single mode to collect fees, funds recovery is not cost-effective for Internet cafes.So we can flow control function is used to divide the Internet bar charge standards, the use of high bandwidth charge higher fees.

of course, if the webmaster think router control flow function set is relatively complex, can also through specialized network traffic monitoring software to implement network flow control.At present, the most commonly used local area network (LAN) flow control in the enterprise software ——Trunk network, can easily help you achieve LAN traffic control, and only need to "Trunk network management "Deployed to the local area network (LAN) a computer can completely realize the flow control of the whole local area network (LAN), little mouse can be fully realized, and operation is very simple, and it also can break through the ARP firewall restrictions on Internet traffic, interested friends can download try it.Below we to TL -

R4000, for example, to an Internet cafe network basic structure for a simple design.The router Internet cafes provide flow control, it's every LAN port 8 set bandwidth limitations, respectively: 128 k, 256 k, 512 k, 1 m, 2 m, 4 m, 8 m, the router has a total of four LAN Internet cafes.The Internet bar is connected network bandwidth is generally 10 MB, we generally do not consider about the distribution of the 8 MB.Actually most netizens to Internet cafes is browsing the web, play games, chat with QQ, etc., our Internet cafe network can be divided into four zones, this also make full use of the router port.

4 districts respectively VIP area, high speed area, average area and low speed area;VIP area convenience for the net friend who often has to Internet cafes (though this area are mostly those game players to sit), the number of computers in this area the following links can be less;High-speed area provide to those who need to download or watch the movie online to use, the computer number relative to VIP area can provide a little more, and the computer hardware configuration;Common area can provide for the use of a variety of Internet, computer quantity can also increase a lot;Low speed region is provided to those who browse the web and chat online, so that distribution is more reasonable.

if use Internet cafes is 10 MB network, proposed to VIP area distribution of 4 MB bandwidth, high speed is divided into 2 MB bandwidth, ordinary is divided into 2 MB bandwidth, low speed area can be divided into 2 MB bandwidth.Common area with low speed area is in a large area of Internet quantity, relative to the computer very much, so all assigned 2 MB bandwidth, low speed of computer number should be more than the average area, this will increase the Internet cafes income;Fewer and high-speed area relatively, computer quantity also can be a bit less, use 2 MB bandwidth can meet;VIP area can be divided for 4 MB netizens who often has to get to the Internet, it is also a good way to increase Internet cafes income.In fact this is a simple idea, Internet users can be set according to their actual needs.

router function is introduced: the functions of internal server

so-called internal server is refers to the router support virtual servers, can be in the net cafe internal network to form a network game servers, and through the port mapping, realize the network and Intranet users log in game server at the same time.Most routers support this function, and the user does not need to set up.

support internal server function mainly is to help Internet users to establish all kinds of server, network game server, for example, film server, such as Internet users only need to pass some software Settings can be implemented to collect fees, this will bring Internet users than a considerable income, so this feature, although ordinary, but very practical.

router function is introduced: the DHCP service in some tiny

Internet cafes in the network, because the quantity of the computer is not big, we can by manually assign IP addresses to realize the network connection, but the number of large and medium-sized computer Internet cafe is not practical.The DHCP service can help the administrator verify Internet cafe Internet cafes in the network IP address and other configuration parameters, without checking each host;DHCP service won't let network in two computers share an IP address phenomenon appeared;So the function for the planning of Internet cafes has very big benefits.

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