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How to cover the WiFi dead angle with a waste router

2018-02-07 11:54:56
Early days decisively out 54 m wireless router in the home, directly across the upgrade of the 150 m to 150 m, and then many a 54 m wireless router.
is still have a place in the factory is the wifi signal blind Angle, the old wireless router can come in handy.
thought small wireless set for me it's nothing, the result have two almost until 11 o 'clock in the evening my success.
original factory only office have the wifi signal, between factory do little doll phone now have wifi, want to come to office ceng net and embarrassed, so I installed a wireless router or does he give them.
I use is in series, in the form of A cat with Ethernet cable connected to the wireless router, A wireless router with 80 m Ethernet cable to the wireless router B, wireless routing through wireless WDS to wireless router C B, so three wireless router any one can literally get to the Internet.
home use wireless router to wireless router B, so not difficult to set.
1. The wireless router Settings: A user name password admin, wan port type pppoe network parameters, the input of broadband account password, set the wireless password, restart.Cat cable socket behind the wan port, four LAN port connect computer.
2. A wireless router Settings: B user name password admin.Behind this step is in order, the first step of the wireless password set, signal channel cannot be automatically and randomly choose one, what is the channel, but must remember the second step the DHCP server is shut down, the third step is the most important, the network setup LAN mouth set IP address instead, then you will be prompted to restart, restart after the router will into not to go.Because the IP address has changed, it is necessary to change the IP of the computer to manually, the browser can lose into again.Couldn't enter into it doesn't matter.
general wireless router set here is a check, so the process is enough to 5 minutes.
3. A wireless router C Settings:
3 this setting the most trouble, make me more than four hours.That not line between B and C must use WDS (bridge).
if you don't understand WDS, recommended reading: use WDS extend your wifi coverage user name password admin.The first step in the wireless set open WDS, scan the wireless router B, lost password even up, choose channel a and B.
the second step is to open the start menu point run CMD, and then type the command ipconfig/all, just remember two DNS servers IP address.
the third step, into the wireless router DHCP server Settings, pool with wireless router A conflict, the general enough to fill here - 220 (21) device can be allocated.All the following things will be fill: the default domain name is, gateway and DNS server is just to see the black window of two.
to be on the safe side, disconnect Internet cable connection between A and B, now restart the router C, see if WDS is successful in the running status bar, usually have to wait A minute.But if the WDS "Successful "The word, are certainly the first step in setting the wrong.
the fourth step, the network connection between A and B, in network parameters LAN port Settings change the IP address to instead, and can't get into the router C after the restart, you know.
to complete these steps, three can use wifi router.
thought router C Settings like router B should can surf the Internet, but mobile phones even up has been display is to obtain an IP address, so I walked here many detours.Studied a lot of experience, through continuous efforts to test successfully.The journey of
in repairing the computer, everyone from inexperience to experienced, computer repaired with others before, always encounter problems more or less, but as long as a success, no matter how much, the in the mind still feel a sense of accomplishment.

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