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How to determine where the home network failure

2018-01-23 11:05:20

a lot of friends often asked if the computer can not on the net, how to judge what is going wrong?The elv project in practice often encountered, in our VIP communication group of low voltage industry network also has a lot of friends will ask some computer networking issues, that weak current need to master the computer knowledge very much.

then here we are together to learn about how to determine the network where failure occurs.Need to use the ping command, the ping command is actually a very good network fault diagnostic tool, this actually is talked about before.

the first step, ping

in computer, open "Run "- input "Cmd“

results showed that

ping can pass, see lost = 0, show that no packet loss, it can determine your computer's TCP/IP protocol stack: no problem.The second step

ping your computer's IP address.Check the

how much is your computer's IP address?

check method: use ipconfig command to look at it.

here, for example, my computer IP check for

then began to ping the address.Can ping ping

results showed:

lost = 0, your computer's network card drive these are no problem.

if not, then I suggest you to check whether there is something wrong with the network card drive, does not check, teach you a little white method, is to install the driver elves, test installation.

the third step, ping gateway

gateway address, if it is a home router, are generally or sure, also can use the command to view.

here, my computer's default gateway is

next, we came to ping, the gateway.Ping

results showed that

can ping through, that means: the computer to the gateway (namely home wireless router, there is no question of it, that your computer's data packets, properly arrived at the router.

if you can't ping, explain your computer to the gateway (wireless router), we have a problem.

suggested inspection: it is better to cable didn't answer?Cable is broken?If the router so there is a problem?Routers have shut down?

the fourth step, ping url

this step, is to check whether there is a DNS problem.No problem, you can open the web page.

here, for example, baidu website, www.baidu.com

results showed that

ping, shows that DNS is no problem, this is you to open a webpage, can normal Internet access, browse the web.

if not, it means that your DNS address has a problem, when you open the web page, is like this:

so suggest you modify the DNS address.

people ask again: but I'm not going to modify the DNS address?

all right, there are many ways to modify the DNS is the most direct way to modify the 360.As follows:

in 360 to repair, 360 will help you to select the optimal DNS address automatically.

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