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How to determine whether routing is a packet loss and a packet loss

2018-01-05 09:14:01

on the router packet loss a lot of kinds of reasons, this paper introduces how to determine whether the router packet loss and the solution method.

a, memory fragments is refers to the router memory is divided into many discrete blocks.He will lead to reduced memory utilization, serious when may produce memory errors, affect the performance of the router.It can also lead to the router packet lost problem, actually, not only the router problems fragments of memory, regular hard also exist this kind of problem.In

such as Microsoft's operating system is bringing a defragmentation tool that can protect users to clean up the debris in the hard disk, in order to improve the storage capacity of the hard drive and storage performance.This refers to fragments of the memory actually is similar with hard disk fragments.

2, that how to judge whether the memory of the router is pieces?Here mainly through is the SHOW spirit branch router MEMORY command.This command displays information about the current memory.

if after the execution of this command will display the current memory available (Free) and maximum available fast (Largest) value, the network administrator to compare the two values, you can judge debris will effect the performance of the router.This is mainly the router available memory compared with the size of the maximum available fast.

if the available memory of the router and the largest available size close to fast, said although the router exist pieces but the impact is not big.But if most of the available piece is very small, such as is only a small percentage biggest can use memory, then the router memory fragmentation problem is more serious.

3, such as a router memory available to 20 m, and the size of the maximum available piece of 15 m, says a router memory there is some fragments, fragments but this does not affect the normal operation of the router.If available memory to 20 M, and maximum available piece of 0.8 M, then the router memory exists in more pieces.

consecutive memory is not enough available fast continuously, which could lead to serious memory allocation issues, such as lead to the loss of one or more interfaces of intermittent message.

in router memory that allows some fragments of memory.Up to now, haven't said what kind of memory management technology can completely avoid to produce memory fragments.Just the pieces to ensure a reasonable value.

four, actually this available blocks and the relationship between the available memory we can take advantage of the cabinet of the drawer.Such as a cabinet although available capacity is large, but the size of more than 1000 divided into grid.The space of each grid capacity is limited.

when a large data to be stored, the capacity is enough, but small grid capacity is not enough.At this point, the problem of packet loss occurs.

now looks memory enough to use, but at this time has no continuous space used to store data in memory.So these look larger available memory, actually not much data.Five, if sure

router memory without too much debris, the network administrator must consider to whether because the CPU overload caused by packet loss.To see the CPU usage, can use the SHOW PROCESS command to check the router's CPU usage, through this command, you can SHOW the router CPU in recent 1 minutes 5 seconds, recently, and the last five minutes of CPU usage.

because of the CPU usage is changing all the time, so the network administrator's main relationship is average CPU usage within 5 minutes.This can explain the router interface packet loss is likely to be caused by the CPU overload.

six, if confirmed the router CPU overload, so network controllers need to confirm what a process takes up a lot of memory.The only find the culprit, the network administrator can suit the remedy to the case, to solve the problem.

such as the network administrator is found by the query SRB BACKGROUND process takes up a lot of CPU, the bridge storm happened.To solve the problem of CPU overload, to achieve this goal, the network administrator can SHOW the PROCESS MEMORY command to query the router MEMORY allocation information.

by executing this command, the system will feedback current router memory can use, such as usage information.May also reflect each process occupied memory space.If a process of memory and CPU are shown above occupies very big words, explain the process has a problem.The network administrator to given these can process.

seven, such as network administrator can sometimes forced to close some big consumed CPU resources process, and then test the packet loss situation is improved.If you have markedly improved, then find the cause of the problem.

network administrator can suit the remedy to the case at this time, analyze what is exactly the process much the corresponding service, why take up so much of the CPU resources and memory resources.

if you can, you can put the closing of the service, in order to reduce packet loss phenomenon, to ensure the normal operation of other service.Wait to find out the cause of the problem, the restored after the restart.After

to see the contents of the above, understanding the causes of packet loss, as long as a specific measure can solve the problem, pay attention to in the router using a lot of switching technology, they rely on a message.If packet loss, and how the exchange of advanced technology will not work, it is crucial how to avoid the loss of packets.

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