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How to distinguish the authenticity of Kingston u disk, Kingston u disk authenticity identification

2018-01-15 09:48:20

u disk, I believe you must be very common in life time, it is a portable storage devices.We can put the documents stored in the U disk, and then as long as have a computer can open the file using the at any time, U disk volume is very small, so are popular with people.Now U disk of the brand is very much, Kingston is one of well-known brands.Now there're many illegal businessmen are all in the name of Kingston usb flash drive, the following introduction of Kingston usb flash drive way to identify the authenticity.

Kingston usb authenticity identification methods

. Fake usb packaging technology is with the development of science and technology and progress, if not the genuine Kingston usb stick out really hard to tell.Than I don't know, fake Kingston USB packaging is obvious rough than the genuine article a lot, we can see from the wording, such as USB 2.0, real the words clear bright color, and fake the words color is very shallow and fuzzy.

2. From the side of the product label we can distinguish the difference between the genuine and fake, counterfeit DTI / 2 g words will be blurred, and are such as the Kingston usb DTI / 2 g of word line is clear, and both can have obvious differences to the touch, because is the goods is to use laser printing, so the touch will feel the bump of fonts, and fake Kingston usb flash drive is usually printed directly, so doesn't feel all that word of concave and convex.

3. The fake U disk manufacturers now is also very attentively, the fake phone also modify like really, also specially applied for 800 calls for consumers to query with goods as can find relevant information, but is the goods in contrast, full of natural flaw.U disk requests for the above message, usually being used goods is one of the agent of Kingston be Harvest query phone, while fakes using normal mobile phone number.

4. To apply for 800 telephone, offer fake "The real certification "Is the most common trick counterfeiters.In order to help consumers against fakes, Kingston anti-counterfeiting division has seized all the fake goods on the market characteristics (including false security standard, false security phone) for the record, you just dial Kingston authentic hotline 400-820-7655, according to the anti-counterfeiting commissioner hints, the hands of products, some of the characteristics of the situation, immediately can make fake goods in the sky.

5. Look at the merchant's price, if the price is very low, does not conform to the normal price on the market, so we have to doubt whether the original Kingston usb

6 using 360 u disk identification device, to see if the licensed u disk, if there is a fake the real storage capacity may be less.

because of the Kingston usb flash drive in the visibility is very high, so people can choose Kingston when buy, appeared on the market has a lot of fake Kingston usb flash drive.When we buy Kingston usb flash drive, I will pay attention to the authenticity.The authenticity of method is very simple.The simplest is to see the packing, authentic Kingston usb's handwriting is very clear on the packaging.And have a very clear Kingston logo.Everybody should pay special attention to at the time of purchase.

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