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How to do? forget the user name and password of the router

2018-01-05 11:23:15

have friends often forget to login the router's user name and password, because generally router to pull the cable, setting up the router, do not need to set up behind, but a lot of friends in order to take into account the router security, generally all can change the default password, late lead to network problems, need a router password but found forgot password, etc.How to deal with?

router login your user name and password to forget to do

with general router set up a rarely need to set up late, so late will appear when you need to enter the router, also could login user name and password forgot, so this kind of situation?Mainly divided into two kinds of circumstances:

method one: if you've set up a login user name and password, you can directly enter the router login address, landing a pop-up box will be used to save the user name and password, we directly login to the following figure:

as shown above, can be directly into the router interface, if you need to forget the password, you can in the router itself Factory default "Can be restored to the original default user name and password, as follows:

method 2: if you forget the router login user and password already could not login the router, the router can also be RESET operation, the method is as follows:

in the first place in front of the router's or find a logo on the back panel for the RESET hole, this is the router RESET button to restore factory Settings.Under current condition, with a pointed object to press the RESET button for 5 seconds, then will see the SYS router in front of the light indicator by slow flashing into rapid flashing status after the RESET release button, after success can RESET.

use tip shape objects inserted into the router RESET hole recommends to use a ball-point pen head, or fine hard wire and toothpicks, RESET, it is very simple actually, RESET after success, with the default router login user name and password to login the router.Related:

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