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How to do the password of the router, and the way the router deciphers the password

2018-01-02 15:02:36

at home router Settings, will certainly to set the password, to prevent others to your home network, password is just simple levels vary from person to person, some people set the password is very simple, is 123456, and some people set is complex, because the cell phone needs to be saved only once the login password, do not need to use password again next time, so it is not too complex password easy to remember, but sometimes you need to change the password for various reasons, but if your router password forget, can't change the password.

brute force method

if really encountered this kind of situation, you can use more violent way to crack, of course you also can choose a very gentle way.

the brute force method, is to use some special software to crack, need you to download in advance relevant software.For instance use a called & lsquo;TpLinkPass. Exe’Tools, this software capacity is not large, so don't worry about running problem.

since we are using the "brute force" method, we need to create a dictionary by the software, to include some password information in the dictionary, the software here you can choose & lsquo;The wood of the super dictionary generator & rsquo;This software.The scope of a password when using software, are the Numbers or letters, or Numbers and letters and white, to determine the scope of the length of the password, then you can confirm to generate a dictionary.After

steps is through the IP address of the router has given out on the back, find the background management interface of the login, for password input at this moment, you are free to enter, the screen will prompt you password input error, remember to remember this kind of hint, use these tips as a characteristic identification number.

run the router software, fill out the information of the related good, such as a router IP, user name, in the judgment of the content, that is the characteristics identification number, click start, when completed, the crack will run, you just need to wait for a period of time, the password will be displayed.

soft decoding method about

router, in fact, there is a factory restore button, like laptops, mobile phones, is to "a hidden back to factory Settings button, the router to factory restore button, generally the location of the cable is inserted in the side of the router, there was a small black button, you only need to hold for five seconds, you can for the router's password reset.

for the type of memory is not very good friends, in setting up the router WIFI password can be set to yourself or your family's mobile phone number, but for the router's password, small make up recommend, you'd better use document backup, to facilitate the next time you change the password.

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