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How to do the server's dead machine

2018-01-08 10:14:39

server crashes do

server crash failure is more difficult to determine, generally divided into two aspects of hardware and software.

1, software failures: first check the system log of the operating system, can through the system log to determine some causes of the crash;The cause of the computer virus;System software bug or leak caused the crash, this kind of failure after judgment hardware trouble-free to make, and need help software provider;Improper use software or system working pressure is too big, can properly reduce the working pressure of the server, please customers to see if it can be solved.

2, a hardware failure: hardware conflict;Power failure or power supply is insufficient, can by comparing the computing server power supply all of the load power values to judge;Hard disk failure (by scanning the hard disk surface to check whether there is a bad way).Fault (through motherboard BIOS memory errors in the report and error message to determine operating system).The mainboard failure (use substitution method to determine);CPU fault (using the substitution method);Board failure (typically SCSI/RAID card may also cause a system crash or other pci devices, can be used to replace judgment)

note: entire system failure need after processing over a period of time to certain pressure kao machine test to do step check thoroughly solve the fault.

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