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How to do win7 broadband connection error 691

2018-01-03 14:37:30
Error 691 is

broadband adsl dial-up often encounter failure, the user.Broadband adsl dial-up Internet access using the pppoe protocol connection, through the telephone line to transmit data, using special adsl modem for data modulation demodulation, prompt error 691 real sense, may be the following reasons: error

1, domain name, (user name or password input error).

2, telephone or broadband owe due cause.

3, server without reflection, (room user port error, or the account has not been activated).

4, a hardware failure.Windows 7

broadband connection error 691 solution: step 1:

user name password fill in error.

step 2: if the user account password is correct, then enter the next to continue processing.Suggested rebuilding dial-up software (if knows nothing but pretends to dial-up software, refer to the household again).

if normal after reshipment dial-up software, the reason for Dial-up software lost ".

if the failure remains after reshipment dial-up software, please call customer service telephone 10000 telecommunications (10060 netcom / 10050 tietong) declaration.Step three:

telecom restricts the number of your account to use, such as this account you can use 4 people, 4 people now in use, you are dialing is error 691.After

step 4: you're not disconnect, the server side or at least didn't disconnect, thought you still use, similar to the above situation, so the error 691.


recommendations: every time to turn it off right on broadband connection, disconnect.

error 691 dial don't dead to tie up lousy dozen, after waiting for a few minutes to try again, if appear this kind of circumstance, call customer service telephone 10000 telecommunications (10060 CNC / 10050 tietong), tell the staff on your computer error 691: no, and then she asked B: how about your broadband number "And tell her you account, and then she sometimes ask you who is the one who opens an account, who is the one who answer to open an account, and then in a few minutes she will find someone to fix it for you.

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