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How to establish wireless LAN and how to establish and share WLAN

2018-01-05 11:16:47

wireless local area network (LAN), that is, ordinary people said WLAN, it consists of a wireless routing equipment in a certain area of the emission of radio waves, is an emerging network technology in recent years.Wireless area network saves people in dial-up connection using the computer trouble, also saves on mobile devices connected to the mobile network a fee, so popular with people.Wireless local area network (LAN) in major public places, companies, and are used in the family, small make up then introduce its establishment and sharing method.

general notebook can set up wireless LAN, installed the wireless network card notebook computer can be as a router for the electronic devices around the data network, the specific method is as follows:

1 first, make sure the computer can start wireless card driver has been installed software programs, and open the driver in the driver interface, can be directly press F4 shortcut to open.

2, set up an IP address for computer: start menu The control panel Network connection, select the wireless network connection Choose Internet protocol of attributes and set an IP address, such as the control panel of the Internet network sharing center, and then set up a new connection, select Set up a wireless AD hoc networks "In

3, in the wireless network connection properties selection Senior "Of the interface, pop Only computers connected to the computer ".Then select add in the middle of the wireless network configuration as wireless local area network (LAN) a computer server.

4, in order to ensure the security of wireless LAN, make its from hackers, also need to set up a key, only know that the key of the user to connect the wireless local area network (LAN).In the properties of the wireless local area network (wlan) set the security type of network, a network name for the wireless network, remove Automatically set this key for me "The hook hook, and then set the SSID.Data encryption options of WEP and enter the password in the network key, password to enter letters or Numbers.

5, restart the wireless local area network, wireless network, then use electronic devices around the search to find the name of the wireless network from the laptop in the department, click on the links, input a password to connect.Above

is the Settings of the wireless local area network (wlan) and the method of Shared laptop use wireless card friends can be set up to try.In a wireless network coverage, if urgent need to use a data network, with wireless network card drive around can use notebook computer, set the wireless local area network (LAN), can provide electronic devices around the network.If laptop computers and electronic devices connected to the success, notebook computers can not only provide electronic equipment network, also can give the transfer files.

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