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How to honor distributed routing, an introduction to a distributed router

2018-01-09 12:10:43

glory glory launch introduced a distributed routing, meet user coverage, large family on can use, there are a lot of people still don't understand what is a distributed routing, here to bring us the glory of the distributed router is introduced in detail, together and see it!

glory distributed routing?Glory distributed router is introduced on

huawei in the field of communications research and development strength, glory to build the first domestic distributed routing, meet big family user groups wi-fi seamless coverage requirements.

glory distributed routing USES the advanced technological innovation to realize intelligent configuration, such as intelligent network, intelligent roaming and intelligent experience routing new features.

compared to the normal routing to cascade configuration, poor coverage, wi-fi problem such as adhesion, glory distributed routing is so blind plug, plug and play, smart grid technology innovation first, let acme configuration simplification;

in the network, routing optimization between 5 g network and Mesh support technology, guarantee the whole family are all high speed wi-fi network;

in addition, a complete set of distributed routing system, only a wi-fi, support seamless roaming and double-frequency automatic optimization, optimization and wi-fi connection protection user always is the best network, to meet the large family users Nowhere fast "Requirements of using the Internet, open new way seamless coverage of family life.

at the same time also has a double network two-way, can hold many intelligent functions such as App, out of the way by having more an extension of the play.

chain by using distributed design, can be split into multiple segments, on different parts of the family, more seamless roaming between routing, increase the coverage.It has the following characteristics:


1, three steps: online APP installation wizard, step 3 complete the configuration;

2, so blind, no need to distinguish the different front-end ports;

3, plug and play: when completed by the configuration of the main road, deputy routing plug and play;

4, 5 g wi-fi network: 2.4 G&5 g dual-band automatic optimization, 100 milliseconds telecommunication level switch;Wi-fi automatically optimize, every day with new road by

5, Mesh networking: automatically choose better network link between routing.

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