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How to improve the download speed of JCG intelligent wireless routing

2018-01-19 11:26:04

when we were in the use of wireless router on the Internet, hope to speed the sooner the better, of course, but in reality has a variety of problems affect our Internet speed, such as the quality of the cable, wireless signal interference and so on, but there are a lot of time is caused by we didn't set up a wireless router, below, you can share it.

want to improve wireless download speed, we're going to exclude the interference of wireless network, don't put on the edge of the wireless routers have a cordless phone, mobile phone, and induction cooker and fridge these will produce electromagnetic signal appliances, because the radio waves is round, so we'd better is the wireless router in the middle of the room, of course, the concrete will be subject to actual situation.

sets the router to use only a 802.11 protocol, because use mixed mode can reduce the data rate, due to the client only use 802.11 g, the router's performance can be increased nearly doubled, at 20 meters distances increased from 1 MBPS to 2 MBPS, you must ensure that all equipment connection is set to use your choice of agreement, if they are not all support the deal, you choose either you must give up the proposal, or spend money to buy new equipment.

SSID is broadcast by the AP or wireless router network name, is in the JCG wireless router to setup your wireless network name, its purpose is to let the only wireless router can be set to the value of the same name SSID computer connection, if no must, can close the SSID, fill out the SSID to connect manually, because after close the SSID can save bandwidth occupancy and exempt from many redundant information network, improve the download speed.UPnP is often said that the

universal plug and play, is used in the Internet and LAN based on the TCP/IP technology, through the wireless network access to the Internet users are in the Intranet, download the software to work properly, it is necessary to open the UPnP, and at present most of the wireless router Settings have this capability, mostly is closed by default, there is no need to use the UPnP networks outside the port mapping function automatically, but still it is necessary to use UPnP support UPnP network firewall software to automatically open ports.

support UPnP module is not installed by default, the need for manual installation, open the add/remove programs - go to the Windows components - in the Windows components wizard - click web service - in detail - select the universal plug and play marquee, after restart the UPnP function will be opened, in the UPnP download software function also need to open it.

downloads is also need to pay attention to, when some download in the download of these files are not in order to download the file after segmentation, download the rest also don't have to upload the computer, but can be distributed by BT software download a program cross to the other downloaders to download, download who also took part in the download upload, download and upload a simultaneous, this greatly improved the file download speed, but the premise is that there are a lot of people in the download to download the same file at the same time, when only a one or two downloaders, download speed not soon.More than

is the way of wireless networks improve the download speed, I believe you already understand the principle, after watching the unsatisfied with their wireless networks of net friend might as well make some adjustment, believe you must be the speed of the wireless network can be improved.

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