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How to improve your WiFi security and improve the WiFi security method

2018-01-08 14:11:45

increasing with every family in the networking equipment, especially the increasing of the wireless network equipment, let your wi-fi network more and more important.With the expanding of network threat, however, your home network at any time may be in danger.Although become hacker attack is unlikely, but in hacking tools, network attack today costs less and less, understand and learn some simple good protective skills is very necessary.Here take a look at how to improve your WiFi security.


said protection to improve the wi-fi network security protection, can first obtains from the router equipment.

first of all, can open your router's firewall functions, to improve the network security.

second, update the router's firmware.Because of the different router brand, suggest that access to the corresponding router manufacturer's website to download, upgrade, more reliable.

and select connected use wireless encryption system, and use uppercase and lowercase letters, Numbers and symbols mixed password.Because for the default password at the bottom of the router, a complex password is more powerful.

then, can change the default wi-fi network name (SSID), or choose to hide.Normally, the router vendor will provide a default wi-fi network name, recommend replacing a own exclusive SSID name.At the same time, you can turn off the SSID broadcast function, so that when your neighbor searching for wireless network, temporarily cannot be found.

of course, also can open MAC address filtering, bind your own MAC address access equipment, like other unauthorized devices will not be able to access your wireless router.

to improve the security of terminal equipment level of

in order to improve the safety of home network, except on the router to make the necessary protection, also must strengthen the safe protection in terminal equipment level, concrete from the following several aspects.

first of all, the anti-virus software installed on the terminal or against malicious software, and automatic virus scan time, strategy.

second, make sure your computer or mobile phone operating system, applications, and other software are the latest, of course, can be set to automatically update.After

to ensure that the WiFi access to the mobile device is not virus infection, because for devices are infected, once connected to your wireless network, your network security doors will open easily.

to sum up, only using a single means of protection, for the protection of the wireless network security is often limited, so carry on the omni-directional WiFi encryption from multiple perspectives, constantly update their own wireless security tips, is the best way to effectively improve the wireless network security.Is more than

to introduce the growing threat of network how to promote your WiFi security, hope to help you!

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