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How to install WiFi wireless routers, WiFi wireless router installation steps

2018-01-03 12:19:28

wi-fi networks have become unable to leave a necessity in our daily life, as long as we are in the home or the company installed the WiFi router, we can free get to the Internet, as long as the activity in a certain area, will be able to enjoy the network bring us pleasure, then you know the wireless router installation method?Let's take a look at the WiFi router installation method.

wifi router installation method:

the first step: the first to use cables connect wireless router and computer, of course, we also can through the wireless search and connect directly, but use cables to connect wireless router and a computer will better.

the second step: after successfully connect wireless router and computer, open the computer in the browser, you can choose the IE browser, you can also choose other browsers, but had better choose Internet explorer, success to open the computer after the browser, the browser's address bar enter, after complete the input, the browser will automatically enter the wireless router Settings page.

the third step: after entering the wireless router Settings page, computer to log in, without setting the wireless router password and user name is admin, we need to input user name and password to log in.

the fourth step: after a successful login, use the mouse to click the window of the setup wizard option.

the fifth step: after entering the setup wizard page, successful computer screen will automatically appear a window that shows we can through the wizard is the content of the basic parameters of wi-fi router Settings, at this moment we only according to the prompt to choose the next steps.Step 6:

to enter the next step after operation, we need according to the window display of hint, the choice of the ways of the Internet, in general, we only need to choose the first option of page.

step 7: after selecting the way of online success, the application in the network service providers to account and password input to the corresponding position, after successful input, use the mouse to choose the next steps.Step 8:

successfully to enter the next step after operation, set up corresponding ssid name, the name usually is wi-fi router model, if need to wireless router for other related Settings, complete set, one of the most important thing is to set a password, after the completion of the set, WiFi router can normal use.

is the WiFi router installation method above, have you learned?

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