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How to install a telephone switch and how to install a telephone switch

2018-01-03 09:10:07

telephone exchange Commonly used on the job is more, telephone exchange is a kind of special use the PBX, it has a number of telephone share perimeter, applies to state organs, public organizations, small and medium enterprises and other units, can also be used for residential and secretary.Telephone exchange, so long as you don't power indicator will light flashing, out into the work, the phone call we have simple tips to be exchanged.So let's together to get to know the telephone exchange knowledge in shenzhen, to see what is the telephone switchboard, shenzhen phone how to set up to ensure switch to normal use.

what is the telephone switchboard?

telephone exchange is a kind of special use of the PBX.It has a number of telephone Shared outside, applicable to the state organs, public organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises etc, can also be used for residential and secretary.Group telephone exchange does not require full-time operator and maintenance personnel, each can understand the working condition of the whole system through the light.When the perimeter is fashionable, can be made of any a phone answering, and can be transferred to the required was called., when any a phone to call outside, just press on behalf of the free outside of the corresponding key, can dial for the perimeter.

shenzhen telephone switchboard installation Settings:

a, first find the function of the PBX ", because the factory function digit is "1 ", most of chongqing area change to 3 ", you can use 125225325 extension number can have a try.The function of the extension, such as 125 can quote you "does not change.If change all the specification 1 ""Instead of the corresponding function".

2, enter a state of programming in the first 8000 total machine: machine 18 *, hang up.(don't have to re-enter five minutes) note: if you could change, but 18 * also change accordingly.Such as: "function" is 3, is 38 * (note!)

(3) the state of programming (on the 8000 total) : lift machine 18 * dial the extension number

shells (that is, change the extension number), the code is: * * want * physics, no.11 extension #, physical number can call 129 queries, want some extension cannot and switches number pictures.

four, since the entry of relay prompt voice Settings:

* * 1065368 # 51 du after speaking to microphone.Listen: * # 51, confirm that * * 1 # 51.

five, the relay mode choice set

artificial transfer: * # 06 # * 1 * relay relay: 01-04

voice prompt: * 6 * # # # 0 * relay relay: 01-04

group call way: * # 06 # * 2 * relay relay: shenzhen telephone system maintenance: 01-04

1. Clean the host: pay attention to clean the host, be careful careful, avoid electric shock.Cleaning, cleaning tools on metals are to be wrapped in insulating tape, in case of a metal by mistake by touch charged electronic elements, shorting electronic elements.Check whether the wiring within the host is neat, such as irregular line technical specification shall be in accordance with the order and neat.And put the battery and ac voltage stabilizer and tidy.

2. Check whether PBX system operating normally: under normal circumstances, normally on CPU board 1 and 5 lamp. 2 lights flash,.net board 2, 3, 4, normally on 57 lamp, normally on DRV plate 1 and 6 lights.Note the thunderstorm day timely inspection on protector, found fault is ruled out.

3. Far PBX reset function: when press the red button on the main control board (CPU) is reset after rebooting the machine into the state, restore to the original host Settings.() to restore the article 2 (1) state

4. Check the power supply system is normal, the deputy power conversion function: check whether the main power board stuck.Main power supply (ac 220 v) normal power supply, power indicator light is green.Check UPS200 ac-dc power communication system work is normal, normal ac power switch and battery charging switch should be opened entirely.

program-controlled switches set model has a lot to do with switch brands, more than for the general Settings, specific Settings, please refer to instruction of SPC exchanges.Shenzhen telephone exchange, also known as PBX, is by the preprogrammed computer process control in the automatic telephone exchange, the full name stored program controlled telephone exchange.At present the common brand shenzhen power spectrum, steam, zoomlion, etc.Telephone exchange office has a lot of help, for a lot of companies have, believe that the broad masses of workers contact more.This is telephone exchange information about shenzhen, hope can help to you.If you want to know more information, we can continue to pay attention to IT an network.

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