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How to install a wireless router and how to install a graphic for a wireless router

2018-01-04 13:01:44

wireless router how to install

along with the development of the network, from 1990 to 2014, now in the rapid development of computer science and technology, more than a family has a computer, unit multiple computers to the Internet, at this point, you need to use a router to achieve the goal of common Internet connect the computer, as to the problem of how to install the wireless router is also let people have a little trouble, small make up comprehensive compiled router installation steps, in the light of the problem of how to install the wireless router, provide the installation diagram to reference.

wireless router how to install the method and steps of:

the first step: connect the line well, wan port connect outside network (i.e., ADSL broadband) or other, LAN port connect Intranet that is your computer network card, every router has the IP address of the default, look at the instructions, I, your computer IP configuration for 192.168.1. X, gateway and DNS to a router, is the, open the computer on the Internet Explorer, enter, enter router Settings interface.

step 2: enter the wireless router address appear as landing page, the default account and password are admin.

input password is

the third step: running status, display the current internal and external network information our router

running state

step 4: setup wizard set basic parameters of routing.Step 5:

setup wizard parameter

WAN connection type mouth refers to the router supports three kinds of commonly used way of surfing the Internet, please choose according to oneself circumstance.For the dynamic IP if your Internet connection, you can automatically from the Internet service provider (for example, China telecom) to obtain IP address, please select Dynamic IP”;For static IP if your Internet connection, that you have Internet service providers (for example, China telecom) provide a fixed IP address, please select Static IP”;If you get to the Internet for virtual ADSL dial-up way, please select PPPoE”.

step 6: choose Internet connection and then the next step after into the wireless set, we can see that the channel, the pattern, the security option, SSID, etc., generally SSID is a name, you can literally fill in, and then model with 11 mostly BGN. Wireless security options we choose wpa wpa2-psk/connected wpa2-psk, so safe, not let people break the meaning by light network.Step 7:

setup wizard, the wizard to complete the reset the wireless router can be used.How to install a


wireless router?Small make up in this paper provides the detailed steps and methods.The router generally also have related instructions, if have what not understand, can also view the manual again, some brand of router may have some special Settings.Installed after some of the Settings, passwords, small make up recommend in reading, hope that can help users solve the problem, the Internet unimpeded.


tengda wireless router how to set up the fast wireless router Settings tp - link set

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