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How to install and set up tp wireless routers

2018-01-04 11:10:32

now, such as smart phones, laptops, TV can use WIFI digital products more and more, and now the WIFI access and coverage area is more and more, wireless router, which is a lot of families, is need to be configured.Tp wireless router is a wireless router comparatively well-known brands, in the broad consumer groups also enjoys a high reputation, so the tp wireless router is the first choice for many families.But after a lot of people bought tp wireless router, but don't know how to carry on the related Settings, making it can successfully open WIFI.Let me introduce for you tp wireless router setting method and the step, makes everyone can grasp the process of setting, could help people in need.

tp wireless router installation and set up tp

wireless router installed the first step is to need to use, the computer network cable to the modem device and wireless router to connect between the three, namely to insert computer network cable connected to the tp before wireless router blue socket, and then use another cable to the computer and wireless router to connect the two.After

the network cable connection good, can set the tp wireless router to the second step.The first thing you need to find in the bottom of the tp wireless router management address, user name and password of the three contents.And then the computer search column input management address, have you found in the pop-up interface the user name and password in the two columns, input at the bottom you find to get into the specific Settings page.

in the upper left of the Settings screen click Setup wizard "This button for basic parameter setting.In the choice of the ways of the Internet will have three different options that are usually used dial-up Internet access, so choose the PPPOE this way, of course you also can according to their own situation to the choice of different ways of access to the Internet.

to choose PPPOE after the Internet connection, you need to appear in the interface, enter the user name and password, the user name and password and you are using a modem when surfing the Internet is the same.After

to enter the user name and password, you need to do is input can identify themselves wireless signal code and the password, so can be clearly recognize and prevent others ceng network situation.

after finish the above Settings, click the page shown in the next step in can complete the whole set.You only need to click on the wireless connection icon in the computer to find your set of code of the wireless network, enter the password to connect can smooth the Internet.

this is generally the whole process of tp wireless router set, hope you have read accurately set.

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