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How to install and use polar route pole S

2018-01-03 14:55:50

extremely routing one S how to install and use

polar one S is Beijing branch geek intelligent technology co., LTD., a the router.It is the world's first $one hundred double antenna intelligent router.In less than six months after the first generation of extremely routing one, and introduced a very great two and one "s two smart routers, both products seem to route the extension of product lines, is actually very two upgraded version, is one of the extremely one s is one of the modified version.

: positive box packing box opposite:

opened the box and he can see a route 1 s a, length: 135 mm, width: 91 mm, thickness: 21 mm, weight: 300 g (appearance specifications from routing website).

pole route antenna expansion diagram:

polar routing interface diagram:

pole routing specification:

instructions have basically been introduced, and I'll write a tutorial for you, hoping to help the novice set up the route.

extremely routing one S how to install and use the tutorial is as follows:

the first step: set the online mode, broadband account password input, automatic dial-up Internet access.

the second step: setting the wireless SSID and password, prevent strangers from net.Step 3:

background setting router password, to ensure the safety of the router.

simple three steps, is set up, whether adults or children, middle-aged or old, set up a routing can be simple!

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