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How to install network cameras, network camera settings and installation

2018-01-08 16:25:00

small make up to introduce today is a high-tech product, in the past few years, due to the limitations of technology and the complexity of the process, the product has not been applied widely in the world.But, today, the information technology by leaps and bounds, has no restrictions on technical issues.So what is it?It is the recently popular computer Web camera.On webcam small make up the original is relative to its strange, but a catch up with, small make up have confidence.Below small make up to speak.

a: description of web camera

we speak here of a webcam is not real entities in the store selling the camera, you don't understand is wrong, a webcam is a virtual camera, but it has the function of the real camera is an aggregate of traditional camera and high new technology.Webcam images obtained by the use of network to through wireless network, or LAN, send to the terminal machine, in this way, the terminal machine within the network cameras can through the tube, the image, so as to realize the function of camera original Video chat.

2: the origin of the webcam is

in the summer of 1991, the university of Cambridge, Fraser scientists want to drink coffee, but working in the lab and no coffee pot.Within the scope of the whole school only research center of the computer room has a coffee pot, but because of a lot of people like to drink coffee, often in Fraser went to the computer room, empty coffee pot.Fraser time-consuming and laborious, is very angry.Then, another scientist working with him to find a way to, how to solve timely know if there is a coffee coffee in POTS.If two people want to have a camera pictures sent to your use of the computer, then will be able to know if there is a coffee coffee in POTS.Then, three times five divided by two, two people first use of a camera on a coffee pot, set to shoot 5 pictures per minute, and then use internal network of the centre for the study of wrote a photo sent to Intranet applications.Therefore, Fraser have solved the problem of drinking coffee, in Cambridge, inadvertently made successfully installed the world's first network cameras.

3: network

first of all, the installation of cameras users to download a first Camsplitter”After the success of the application software, software download, can be installed in accordance with the instructions.Once installed, the system tray will have a camera icon, click on the icon to set of cameras, right-click to choose Choose webcam”, click Microsoft WDM image”, sure can.

and then to set format and resolution of the camera, the camera in the attribute, right click Properties throughout the &;Button, resolution and set up 320 * 240 ", the pixel depth can be set up as "RGB24 ".After can use web camera chat with my friends.

after the introduction of network cameras, although its origin is in for an unintended purpose, but it is the purpose of the unintentional, created on a device that will help us.So, do your own thing attentively, perhaps can reap unexpected harvest.

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