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How to install the wireless network TV set-top box

2018-02-07 12:09:33

families use network television set-top boxes to watch television, more and more, and wireless network television set-top box because of its wireless network, film and television reception, without the hassles of net line, according to need to be flexible mobile TV position, widely popular with home users.Bought a wireless network television set-top box how to install?Everyone here is a small make up to clean about wireless network television set-top box installation method, I hope it can help you!

wireless network television set-top box installation method

hd line a head of inserted into the hd line socket of wireless set-top box, the other side of the hd line inserted into the TV hd line socket., (if it is an old TV set available three color video line connection) plug the power cord end into

welly wireless network television set-top box, on the other end into the power socket, and then open the power switch on the set-top box, box lights shine.

open wireless router and sets, and then click on the TV remote control "Source "To select television images of the "Video 1 "Or "Video 2 "And then find "System Settings "To enter.

in the network Settings in the options "Wireless network ", in the search to the wireless network signal list, select your wireless network, press the password prompt for the wireless network signal.Network setup is complete.Wireless network television set-top box installed.We can see the film TV programs.

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