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How to introduce IP PBX, IP PBX parameters

2018-01-09 09:31:50

in general, the company or enterprise business a lot, often very busy, sometimes at the front desk around to help customers in line all day.Telephone switchboard can easily help customers turn line to the company's various departments, makes the office more efficient.Then, the telephone exchange on the market so much, that a more suitable for office use, which can meet the demand of the usual office?Then, to introduce is the steam parameters of telephone exchange information and price information, so that you know more about the market of the market.

steam telephone exchange

steam parameter information WS824 (10) (4 perimeter, 16 extension) perimeter capacity:

extension 4

capacity: 16

dedicated telephone number: equipped with normal telephone number:

dial extension 16

level limit: 6

IP phone functions: support

dialing mode: audio/pulse

other features: four special phone can match, special phone and common phone are programmable;Built-in caller id function inside of caller id system selects the DTMF standard;Relay affiliated functions such as

packing list: product description for the power cord, cable maintenance, software CD

reference price: RMB 980,

steam group telephone exchange (4 outside extension of 16) perimeter capacity:

extension 4

capacity: 16

ordinary telephone number: 16

other features: special phone with one English, special phone and common phone are programmable.

product features: can be allocated to one special telephone English, only 1, with phone and common phone are programmable.Through a dedicated phone can monitor all outside and inside the use of state;2, built-in inside and outside, call display function inside caller id choose DTMF standard system, perimeter caller id for FSK, DTMF both formats, the extension after the installation of caller id telephone can realize the call display function, incoming number for many times transfer is not lost.And can be realized at the same time five ordinary ext caller id at the same time, in a more convenient place for telephone inquiries.

reference price: RMB 950 950 steam WS - 824 (10) d (4 perimeter, 16 extension) perimeter capacity:

extension 4

capacity: 16

normal phone number: dial extension 16

level limit: support

dialing mode: audio/pulse

other features: digital switching technology, networking, eight out of way;Support digital relay 2 m (PRI) plate;With terminal compatibility, inheritance;Double road only computer operator;Professional call transferred to the mobile phone;Performance comprehensive upgrade;Single bond paging navigation

packing list: steam small call center software

reference price: RMB 3500

steam WS824 (5) (16 perimeter, extension 128) working temperature:

0 to 40 ℃

power performance: AC 220 v & plusmn;10%, 50 hz - 60 hz

product power consumption: 80 w

work humidity: 10-90% of the storage temperature:

-10-50 ℃

IP phone functions: support

storage humidity: 10-95% of the

reference price: RMB 8000,

more than a few steam telephone exchange will help introduce here, may have some of the price difference.But actually parameters are quite different in detail, such as features, some of the configuration is better.Can call navigation, networking, like better models of this configuration, the natural price will be higher.Everybody should know before buying, our office needs and the reference after the detailed parameters of these products and then decide which model to buy.Do a rational consumer is far better than to buy after regret.

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