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How to know the speed of their own network speed test method [Solution]

2018-01-11 11:08:07

how do you know your Internet speed?

to improve (computer) network, see the ISP (Internet service provider) of access network, generally three kinds, ADSL access, FTTB - LAN access, FTTH access, generally in the case of don't change the way of Internet access, improve the network bandwidth, does not directly improve the network speed.

the following, we take a look at the network speed test method.

speed generally can be divided into two kinds.

1, network download speed.How many M is usually said Internet connection.Operators say 2 MB is approximately equal to download speeds of 250 KB or so, note what size B representatives are not the same oh, their base is: 1 B (bytes) = 8 B (a), so the theoretical value of 2 MB / 8 = 256 KB.But in fact it is impossible to achieve the theoretical value.The

download speed, the greater the said used the shorter the time to download!

2, network response speed.This is connected to the target service returns to the use of time, 1 s (in seconds) = 1000 ms sodium (seconds), the process used by the shorter the time, is the better network quality, game play, the better!

people read online news, at ordinary times may not be obvious sense, but watching video, especially our friends in playing games, the network time delay (or network response speed,

3, the network response speed is more important than the download speed.In the present "Throughout the north and the south is not connected &;, the south is certainly a telecoms network is fast.While the north is with unicom.Methods:


1, here today, the main is with all of you, how to test network response speed!

generally speaking, everyone is now on the Internet through a router.We want to test, first of all, is to test what is the time to return to the router.Operation:

- run - type CMD and press enter.In

2, in the pop-up CMD command line window, type: ipconfig.

3, and then, we use the ping command to test the router, gateway, namely format for: ping gateway IP

among them, the time is what we should pay attention to.This represents your computer is connected to the gateway again for the return of the time, the smallest unit of time is MS (MS).Namely has reached to the fastest speed.

4, because, the router is a network Settings, at this moment, we have to test the network again.Method is the same, just ping not gateway IP.

us to PING www.163.com, see here, is not the same time, this command is actually four packets sent in the past, back to the time, but has returned.Network is connected.Connected to the gateway

then, the front speed and the speed is the difference between big?

actually the speed is very normal, because we access network is going through a lot of heavy steering, here is unknown dwell on.In our feelings, as long as the time value of PING within 100 ms, belongs to the acceptable range, is very fast, within 50 ms that playing games is very soon, no delay of feeling.

so when your network can achieve this, congratulations, to note, however, you want to test the target server is www.163.com, but your game service

5, while the PING command can also add a parameter to t can continuous testing network response speed, remember, want to lowercase.Let's look at the baidu.This also is very good.

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