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How to know wifi is rubbing

2018-02-23 17:52:58

Rub your wi-fi be !Do you know?

sometimes watching video card suddenly, or download speed decreases significantly, so vigilant, rub is your router may be net!So how do you determine whether wi-fi stolen?

many intelligent router can bring mobile phone APP now, you can always see the networking equipment, play to network equipment is easily.But the router is not thrown equipment, a lot of people still use the old, for them, how should see whether tore the net?And how to avoid?The following simple six recruit solve network problems.

how to identify whether the ceng net?

the first point, speed slow down for no apparent reason.

if download at ordinary times, browse all soon, suddenly slow speeds, be vigilant.

the second point, found strange equipment.

in computer basic certainly found strange devices on the network than the network has been appropriated by others.

the third point, troubleshoot IP address.Equipment listed in

through the management interface on the router and computer name, IP address and hardware address, if inconsistent, rub you be network.

how to view the equipment on a router?

router url in the browser page, url usually written in the book of the router manual, normally " "Or " ", enter the user name and password, enter the page, click "The DHCP server "Check "The client list ", will show all the connections on the wireless router equipment.Don't know the equipment, in which has been rubbed net.

teach you quickly set up replication password!

1, using a computer or mobile phone open the browser, enter or

2, the admin login user name and password are input.

3, change the password in the wireless device management bar, with more than 10 uppercase and lowercase letters and Numbers to replace the original password.

4, shut down the router power supply, open again after 5 seconds.Ceng prevention network first recruit


wireless router password in the router Settings interface, to "Safety "Options, and then select the WPA wpa2-psk/connected wpa2-psk password, so you can up 8-63 characters of the password.Ensure that the user's password easy to remember but difficult to guess.

the ceng net second recruit

closed routing SSID broadcasting after

by banning SSID broadcasting setting, ceng network name of the one who is, won't find your WiFi.Although the efficiency of the wireless network will be affected by a certain, but it's worth doing in return for the improvement of safety.

the ceng net three recruit

closed SSID broadcasting, shut down the DHCP function also need to shut down the DHCP function, also is to make the wireless router can't automatically assign IP addresses to the wireless client.In this way, each other even if the wireless signal can be found, still can't use the Internet.

anti ceng nets fourth recruit


general wireless router to the default IP address routing management address, if modified into or other digital, can prevent the net easily guessed.

the ceng reduced transmission power net five recruit

currently some wireless router has the function of adjusting the wireless transmission power, by adjusting the wireless transmission power, can control the wireless network coverage.This can also prevent tore the nets, because it is difficult to search to your wireless signal each other.

against the ceng net six recruit

MAC address binding

find their own Ethernet adapter MAC address, and then find the wireless MAC address filtering in routing Settings interface, add your own MAC address, without permission, so other devices is can't use the Internet.

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