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How to limit the speed of H3C routers and the way the routers limit the speed of the network

2018-01-03 11:35:13

h3c router how to limit the computer network?Routing, H3C as huawei launched one of the enterprise with powerful flow monitoring and network management, security protection function in the integration of routing.With ordinary household router interface.So for the user, who just contact the H3C router may not be familiar with.Here is to share with you the specific methods H3C router set speed limits.

1, we need to get H3C back end Web management address of the router.Could be obtained by H3C router equipment on the back of the information.Or in the computer MSDOS”Interface, input Ipconfig”In order to get.

2, open a browser and enter H3C router back end Web management address, as shown in the pop-up login interface, input The user name "And "Password "To complete the login operation.The default The user name "And "Password "All are Admin”.After

3, to enter the H3C routers backend Web interface, switch to Qos Settings "- Traffic management "TAB, as shown:

4, in IP traffic limit "TAB interface, check Enable IP traffic limit "To enable the IP traffic limit function, check Each IP channel can only use the default bandwidth "Item, at the same time set WLAN bandwidth "(i.e., fiber access bandwidth "), click Application "Button.

5, if you want to achieve for a specific computer speed limit, just need to click New "Button to add a speed limit rules.As shown: in

6, the new from the pop-up interface, can be set to the IP address of the speed limit range, at the same time set up The speed limit direction "And The upward flow "And "Downward flow ", click New "Button to complete a add operation of the speed limit rules.

7, and a method, is through Trunk network management "To implement a local area network speed limit function.Compared with the router limits, using software to limit speed more convenient, more personalized.Download the tool in the baidu search directly.

8, run the tool, and click in the main interface program Enable monitoring "To the right of the drop-down list, choose according to the current network structure from a control mode, when enabled monitoring, local area network (LAN) all the networked computers and listed.

9, you need to create specific speed strategy: just click Policy configuration "Button, you can choose to edit the existing strategy according to real need or create a new strategy, and set up Broadband speed "Parameters.As shown:

10, the speed limit strategy after completion of editing, list on a computer screen, right click on the corresponding computer, from the right-click menu For the selected host assignment strategy "Items.

11, will open at this time Reassigning policy "Window, select create from its list of the new strategy, click Determine "Button for a specific computer using the new speed limit policy.

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